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    Six decks, four aces, one hand, and some of the biggest progressive payouts ever-that’s Playtech Progressive Blackjack for you. You’ll need four matching Aces to win the biggest prize, but you’ll have plenty of chances to win the smaller bonuses with an assortment of other Aces. Prizes start at $25!

    Maximum bet in Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack is $1000 per hand, so you don’t need to be worried about it limiting your options. As long as you lay down the $5 minimum, you can play until the cows come home.

    In order to have any winning bonus potential, you’ll need to place a $1 bet in the side bet wager circle with every hand.

    Three cents on every dollar wager toward a progressive bet goes to the Playtech Progressive jackpot. It is combed from every progressive game in every Playtech casino. This means The Big Jackpot is always growing for you and every other contributing player, and, of course, it also means you and every other player out there is vying for the same big money.

    The six-deck shoe making up the Progressive Blackjack game is shuffled after each hand. Playtech’s general Vegas-style rules apply in this Progressive game, as outlined on their main page.

    The progressive jackpot, and any other bonus wins, are all determined by how many Aces you have in your hand. You’ll notice that you will need at least a pair of Aces right out of the gate to have a chance at the extra cash. Here is how the payouts break down:

    • $25 for two Aces of any suit.
    • $100 for two Aces of the same suit.
    • $250 for three Aces of any suit.
    • $1500 for four Aces of any suit (yes, you read that correctly)
    • $2500 for three Aces of the same suit.
    • Progressive Jackpot is won when you’ve split two Aces of the same suit and you’ve received 2 more Aces of the same suit (for a total of four identical Aces).

    Progressive bet aside, the game goes on as usual. There are still plenty of ways to beat the dealer and bring home the bacon.

    Single-Hand Progressive Blackjack, as well as a Progressive multi-hand version, are  played at the following Playtech online casinos.