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    Progressive Blackjack from Playtech features everything you want out of a blackjack game—a simple premise, a side wager, five possible hands, and the potential for a big payout. Aces hold the key to all additional bonus and jackpot winnings.

    Minimum bet is typically $5 and maximum bet can be as high as $1000, if you’re playing big to win big. In order to be eligible to win the progressive pot, you must place a separate $1 wager in the adjacent wager circle.

    Six decks make up the stack in this Progressive Blackjack game, and they are shuffled after each hand. Playtech’s general rules apply in this Progressive game, as outlined here (Vegas-style rules).

    In order to win The Big One, or even A Little One, you’ll need to have the following Ace combinations in one of your hands:

    • Two Aces of any suit will pay out $25.
    • Two Aces of the same suit will pay out $100.
    • Three Aces of any suit increase your payout to $250.
    • Land three Aces of the same suit and you’ll walk away $2500 richer.
    • Four Aces, any suit, will induce some heart palpitations, which will be soothed with $1500.
    • Four Aces of a matching suit will allow you to buy several matching suits—with a 100% Progressive Jackpot win.

    The total value of the progressive jackpot is affected by the play at all the Playtech casinos. This means it will grow that much faster; however, it also means many more people are playing for it.

    Since you need four exact Aces out of the 6 total decks, the chances of winning the jackpot (over $2,000,000 at the time of this review) are slim, but the chances of winning a reasonable side bet are just fat enough to want to play.

    Keep in mind, as with all Playtech blackjack games, you’ll be paid in the currency with which you wager. I’m using USD in order to keep the review consistent.

    Progressive Blackjack is available in both the Flash and Download versions of the Playtech software. Play Progressive Blackjack at the following recommended casinos.


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