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    Playtech’s Single Hand Blackjack is a straightforward, 6-deck blackjack game where your object is to get “21” or beat the Dealer (or both).

    While the typical table limit for this game includes a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum bet of $300, there appears to be some wiggle room within each casino. Chip sizes range from $.25 to $100 and feature the elusive $10 chip, which is often missing from other software’s blackjack tables.

    Since this is the classic, and therefore the most pure, of Playtech’s blackjack assortment, you won’t find any deviation from the rules we outlined on the Playtech Blackjack Page. To recap, this Classic Blackjack game uses Las Vegas Strip rules-which means the following:

    • The Dealer does not peek.
    • There is no surrender.
    • Doubling Down is available on any two initial cards, and can occur after a split.
    • Splitting is allowed once for a total of two hands.

    Play is very fast-even without the “Fast Play” option on. The cards are a little on the small side, so prepare yourself to become pretty intimate with your computer screen.

    While you’re looking so closely, you’ll also notice that the graphics are impressively crisp.

    There is an automatic warning feature that pops up when the computer believes you’re pressing your luck. If you try to hit on a 17, for example, the computer will interrupt and as if you “really” want to do that.

    If you find these warning messages harm your confidence, you can always adjust your preferences so they don’t pop up anymore.

    I always felt like it was the Dealer taunting me, and I kept it on to maintain my competitive edge. (Sadly, though—the warnings were right on the money most of the time. I was just too stubborn to listen).


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