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    Roll up your sleeves and prepare to multi-task, Playtech’s classic multi-hand Blackjack gives you a lot to keep your eyes on. Five different hands (and their individual ability to split and double down) require a lot of mental prowess.

    While the typical table limit for this game include a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum bet of $300, each casino has the ability to set these differently. You’ll have six chip sizes to choose from, starting at $.25 and topping out at $100.

    Las Vegas Strip rules apply, so if you’re used to playing European rules there a few differences.

    For one, you can double down on any two cards, whether they are your initial dealt pair or a pair that you created after a split. The Dealer does not peak, will not offer surrender, and will offer insurance when an Ace turns up on his show card.

    Playtech offers several small, but welcome features on its blackjack tables. My favorite is the fact that I can keep my mouse in the same general area for both rebetting and hitting.

    I can rely on muscle memory to make quicker game decisions instead of constantly shuffling my mouse from one area of the screen to another. I’ve mixed up “Hit” and “Stand” on many a beautiful hand enough to appreciate the little things!

    Side note: To speed up your game play, you can tailor you blackjack game to remove all animations and all warning messages that pop up.

    While smooth and sometimes helpful, they do take up a bit of time, particularly if your Internet connection is less than stellar, or if you’re just hungry for more of the game.

    Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack is available at the following recommended Playtech casinos, and is also available in a single-hand game. Enjoy it as a downloaded game, a Flash game, or a free game.


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