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    A favorite online poker game with a really catchy name! In this version of Aces and Faces, you will be playing 4 hands each game. Aces and Faces begins its paying combinations on pairs of Faces (J, Q, K) and Aces.

    Four of a kind combinations are divided into 3 types: four of a kind 2-10's pays 125 on max bet, four of a kind J-Q-K pays 200 on max bet and four of a kind Aces pays 400 on max bet.

    The game pays on pairs of J-Q-K-A, 2 pair, 3 of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind 2's - 10's, four of a kind J-Q-K, straight flush, four of a kind Aces and a Royal Flush.

    Select the coin denomination and quantity you want to bet for each hand. You can bet as little as .20 a game (4 hands x .05) or as much as $100 per hand (4 hands x $5).

    Payout for a Royal Flush on minimum bet is 500 coins while at maximum bet the payoff is 4000 coins. The best bet for your playing dollar is a max bet (5 coins) on any coin denomination

    You are dealt 5 cards face up from a deck of 52 which is displayed on a four hand grid. All four hands display the same starting cards.

    The bottom line of cards is your playing hand. You will hold or discard using this hand. Hold as many cards as you want to make the highest paying combination. Each hand uses a separate 52 card deck and each hand holds the same cards as the bottom line hand.

    Then draw the remaining cards to complete each hand from the separate decks. The highest combination is paid out on each hand.

    Aces and Faces Strategy & Rules


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