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    Vegas Three Card Rummy Gold table card game, where a single player plays against the Dealer and can win a bonus payout of 100 to 1 in bonus play payouts! I bet there are a few rummy card players out there just itching to take on an online machine and win a few credits in the process.

    Microgaming software is the first to have this type of online card game within their online poker table games.

    The Vegas Three Card Rummy Gold online card game is similar to the regular game of rummy, just with fewer cards in play. The object is to get the highest score, or in the case of this game, "0" points.

    Get 4 to 1 on a simple layout with your three cards, like any pair, triple, or a same suit run. The point system is shown in the pay table.

    What I like about the Vegas 3 Card online rummy table game is that if you get card amounts from six to nineteen (6-19), you will break even as the player. The betting chips are different colors to make it easier to know what denomination you're playing with.

    The betting limits in Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold are similar to most table games, like poker or blackjack, and start out at 1.00 credit chips; to 5, 10, 25, and on up to 200.00 credits as the maximum bet.

    Vegas Three Card Rummy Gold has a 52 card deck and play goes as a single player and the Dealer:

    • The player makes his/her ante bet,
    • And then the optional side or bonus bet (if you're feeling lucky).
    • If the player wishes to play the hand, he/she will make place another coin in the "Play" area.

    After the play is made, the Dealer's cards will be flipped over and the points calculated, for a win, push, or loss.

    In the Vegas 3 Card Rummy game the Dealer qualifies with 20 or less points, and must qualify for the player to win on his/her Play bet and Bonus bet if one was made. For easy reference; the card/s point values are shown on the right side of the pay table (above), and the Bonus points are on the left.

    Play Vegas Three Card Rummy Gold online today, the first online casino rummy game by Microgaming!