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    The Lucky Dragons online slot by Pragmatic Play gives players a high-energy experience with a variety of different Asian symbols. The game is designed around the premise of having stacked high-end symbols, and when you combine this with how the pay schedule is set up as a whole, it creates a pretty high-volatility experience. In terms of graphics and sound, this game has good graphics and a solid soundtrack that pulls the theme together well, but it does this without resorting to 3D graphics that would slow down the loading times (which is actually quite fast).

    Format and Layout

    This is a game that uses a slightly less popular format than many games with five reels, four rows and 50 paylines. Coins go from $0.01 to $0.50 apiece, and you can bet anywhere from one to ten coins on each payline. With that having been said, you do not have options to change the number of paylines you're betting with in this video slot, but that doesn't really make much of a difference to the vast majority of players. The minimum bet size is $0.50 per spin, which is pretty well inside of any player's budget. You can also play for as much as $250 per spin, which covers every level of stakes that you can imagine.

    Free Spins Bonus Feature

    The first thing to know about in Lucky Dragons is the free spins feature. The way this works is that you will need to get one of the scattered free spins symbol on the second, third and fourth reels (the only reels this symbol is on), and then you will be given a set of six free turns. That doesn't sound like much, but there's more to how this feature works. There is also a 2x win that is given to you right away for three of this scatter, so you're guaranteed that.

    The thing that sets these free spins apart is that you get a random wild symbol added to each of the middle three reels before they start spinning. This means that, in some cases, you will only need two symbols to line up for massive five of a kind pays, and you can even end up in situations where you only need to land one symbol in the right place to get a four of a kind payout. Clearly, this increases your odds of winning a ridiculous amount.

    Wilds and Stacked Dragons

    There are two symbols that really drive the majority of the biggest payouts in this game. First, you have the wild symbol, which is a golden medallion on a green background. This symbols shows up all over the reels, but it doesn't give its own payouts. However, the dragon symbol, the main symbol in the game, does show up, and it's a pretty big deal.

    The dragon is on every one of the reels, and he always appears stacked. Five of a kind pays 800x, which is a pretty decent pay. However, what makes this symbol so interesting is that you only need two of a kind to win. That means stacked dragons on the first and second reels will lead to several smaller wins, which can really add up.

    Other Payouts

    Pragmatic Play has evened out the swings a little bit with a relatively flat pay table. The golden bird pays 400x for five of a kind, and you'll win 300x for five of the golden tiger or smaller golden dragon. Five of the golden fish also pays a solid 300x prize, and you'll get 150x for five of the golden frog.

    Players will also find golden A, K, Q and J symbols on the reels as well, which round out the bottom end of the pays. They are broken up into two sets. The A and K symbols both pay 100x for five of a kind, and both the Q and J will give you 50x when you get five lined up on a payline.


    Lucky Dragons is a pretty standard video slot with a few things that make it stand out. The stacked dragons help with multi-line payouts a lot, and the sticky wilds in the free spins bonus feature stand out as being fairly atypical. This is a game that we think players will enjoy for its graphics and gameplay, and although it has a bit of a high volatility, the flat pay structure helps to smooth that out some.

    By Jesse Eddleman



    The game may take a few seconds to load, please do not be discouraged by a black screen.
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