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Stir up delicious fruit cocktails in this unique and fast-paced match-3 style game by Skillzzgaming. Blast clusters of 3 or more fruits to fill the glass and reveal real money prizes.

Collect starts, level up, complete missions and unlock new bartenders with amazing special features. Be on the lookout for the elusive jackpot tiles that turn sweet fruit juice into sweet winnings.


What could a game called Fruit Blast possibly be themed after? Icy cold winters?

You guessed right, this is tropical through and through!

Players will be greeted by a charming bartender of a beachside bar, complete with palm trees, coconuts, and beach balls.

The tiles are all, of course, fruits. After all, we’re making fruit cocktails here.

How to Play Fruit Blast

In some ways, this game resembles a video slot game, but it’s actually very different. Instead of spinning the reels and waiting for a winning combination to appear on a payline, you will be presented with a 5x5 grid of various fruit symbols.

Anytime when three or more are touching vertically or horizontally, you can pop them and they disappear and fill up one of the bars on the left.

New tiles come from the above possibly opening up new winning combinations. In this way, the game is similar to a tumbling or cascade slot.

The main objective of the game is too pop as many tiles as you can because every successful blast adds points to the fruit bar on the left. When seven tiles of the same fruit are blasted, a bar will fill up.

Each bar has its own multiplier and can be filled up more than once. Think of this as high and low paying symbols. The cherry has a multiplier of x0.5 but the pineapple awards x10.

When there are no more moves the round ends and the total win will be tallied. Bets are made before the round begins, and cannot be changed during. It’s possible to bet anywhere from 0.6 euro to 100.

Special Features

Skillzzgaming has filled this offering up with a bunch of special features. In addition to leveling up….

there are also achievements!

This feature brought over from console and PC games spices things up and gives the player something to work towards.

The major feature here is the unlocking of bartenders. There are 8 different ones to unlock by leveling up. Each has their own design and personality but more importantly, each confers different type of bonuses when the player blasts a cluster of bonus symbols.

While their special abilities do not alter the odds, they nevertheless keep things dynamic and engaging.

Our Take

In recent times developers have started offering RNG games that go beyond the traditional slot or table game paradigm. One example being BetSoft’s extremely successful Max Quest: Wrath of Ra game which ditched the traditional reels in favor of shoot-em-up action.

Igaming companies are realizing more and more the popularity and value of their namesake – PC and console gaming. And coupled with the ever-increasing popularity of e-sports and mobile video gaming, we are sure to see even more RNG casino games that are hard to categorize.

When it comes to this specific offering, it’s a lot of fun and the achievements and unlockables are sure to keep punters’ attention for a long time.

By Nikola Djordjevic

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