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      Pragmatic Play
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      Video Slots
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    Pragmatic Play, formerly known as Topgame, has made a lot of titles in a lot of different themes. The Magic Crystals game is based on a handful of different crystals, obviously enough, but it falls into a style of gameplay that is more about relaxing and enjoying the zen-like experience than giving players a ton of action, though there is a high hit-rate and low volatility. If you're the type of player who prefers a high volatility, then you might not get much out of this game, but most players will probably enjoy it to some degree.

    Game Layout

    The layout of this game uses five reels and three rows with 243 ways to win. That means that all of the regular symbols are left-to-right scatters, so you can get them on any spot on the reels from left to right to get wins. Betting is based around 30 coins per spin, since you can't really put one coin per payline in this type of game. You can choose coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $0.50 apiece for a total betting range of $0.30 to $15 per spin, which is wide enough for most players, though high rollers might wish for something a bit larger with the ability to bet up to 10 coins per turn for a maximum bet size of $150.

    Wild Symbols

    The obsidian symbol is wild in this game, and it appears with a wild symbol over it so that you can tell it from the other gems. This wild appears on all five reels, and it pays 750x for five of a kind. Four pays 200x, and three will give you 50x. It's important to realize that these wins are a bit understated since you'll get other payouts with how these wilds combine with other symbols as well.

    Something else that's important about these symbols is that they give multipliers of 2x. If you get any winning combination that includes a minimum of one wild (except for combinations that only consist of wilds), then you'll earn a win worth twice of the normal value for that payout.

    Scatters and Free Spins

    The gold symbol is a true scatter in this game, and it can appear on any of the reels. Pragmatic Play has made it easy to spot this symbol by making it stand out from the rest, and it's used to trigger free spins. Players will get 15 free spins for three scatters, 20 free spins for four scatters and a total of 25 free spins for five scatters. What's more is that all of your wins are multiplied by a factor of three in the free spins bonus feature, and this can combine with the wild multiplier for a total multiplier of 6x.

    Top-Paying Symbols and Play Style

    Aside from the wild symbol, there are four high-paying symbols that are represented by four colors of large gems. What you'll notice is that their payouts are staggered, but fairly close together, and this is indicative of the type of play style that you find in this online slot. The bottom line is that you'll be happy with any five of a kind win from this set of symbols.

    Five of the large green gem pays 250x, and five of the yellow one will give you a 200x win. A 150x prize is yours for five of the purple gem, and five of the red is good for 100x. Again, these are reasonable payouts for five of a kind, but remember that they are doubled if you make them with a wild, and they're tripled if you make them in the free spins.

    Low-End Symbols

    The lowest paying symbols are the smaller versions of the four gems. Along these lines, five of the small green or yellow gem gives you a 30x win, and five of the small purple or red paid 20x. This arrangement of the small and large jewels makes it pretty easy to keep up with which symbols pay what in this game.


    Pragmatic Play isn't exactly known for producing games with top-tier graphical design, but they do make games that have solid gameplay, and this is the case with Magic Crystals. The high hit-rate and low volatility make this an excellent game for players who want to relax and enjoy a smooth experience without any huge up and down swings, but you still have chances to win some pretty big pays with the free spins and multipliers.

    By Jesse Eddleman