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    Different cultures have different sources of mythology, and if you dive into that mythology of just one culture, you could spend decades learning everything there is to know. That's one of the reasons why Pragmatic Play sometimes uses themes from various types of mythology because they stand out as being a bit different than what everyone else has used before. This is what they did with Lady of the Moon, and game based on a specific story from Chinese mythology. As you'd expect, it has a Chinese theme set at night with a number of characters.

    Format and Layout

    When you first glance at this game, you'll see that it has five reels and three rows, which is the most popular layout for online slots. However, a closer look will show you that it also has 13 paylines, which is incredibly atypical. You can make bets that start at $0.13 per spin with coin sizes of $0.01, and players can wager up to a maximum of 10 coins on each of the paylines. The maximum coin size is $0.50, and the maximum overall bet size is $65 per spin. Having 13 paylines makes the betting a bit weird since you can't really wager even numbers that easily, but it's not a big deal for most players.

    Bonus Features

    There are two main bonus features in this game. The first is based on the tree scatter symbol. This symbol only shows up on the first, third and fifth reels. However, if you get all three of them on the reels at once, then you get a set of 13 free spins. This is a good amount of value that continues the theme of 13 that we see in other parts of the game.

    The other bonus feature is based on the bonus leaves symbol. If you get three or more of them lined up on an activated payline, then you'll get taken to a special instant win bonus screen where you can win a payout worth up to 3,300 coins. Having two different bonus features that function in different ways helps the gameplay a lot in this title.

    Top Symbols

    Pragmatic Play has done a great job with making sure that the top symbols give players some pretty significant wins. All four of these symbols pay for two or more, and though you can use the wilds to help any winning combination other than those of the scatter and bonus symbols, it doesn't have its own winning combination.

    The Lady of the Moon herself is in red on a blue, night background, and she pays 13,000x for five to offer a pretty strong jackpot and the largest payout in the entire game. Four of her pays 1,300x as well, which is a formidable prize. Five of the archer on the yellow background pays 1,000x, and five of the man with the axe on the red background pays 500x. You can also pick up 300x for five of the rabbit on a green background.

    Low-Paying Symbols

    You'll also find four low-paying symbols, and all of them have gray background. They all also pay for three of a kind or more. First up is the baton, which pays 200x for five of a kind. Five of the bow and arrow pays you 150x for five, and you can pick up 100x for five of the axe symbol. Five of the bowl will give you 80x, which is pretty high for five of a kind for the lowest symbol in the game. The payout structure is clearly top-heavy in nature, and that will lead to a pretty high volatility.

    Our Thoughts

    Lady of the Moon is based on a story that most users won't know, so it'll basically just seem like a somewhat generic Asian-themed slot. However, there is a bit of a story behind the game, which makes it stand out a little, it's just that chances are that most players honestly won't care. The gameplay is solid, though it's obviously high-volatility in nature, and players who prefer a low-volatility experience will probably want to try something else. Regardless, the top jackpot of 13,000x is pretty significant, and that's larger than the top win for most other games, other than those that have progressive jackpots. That alone makes this game pretty impressive and gives players something serious to shoot for.

    By Jesse Eddleman