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      Pragmatic Play
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      Video Slots
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    There are a ton of different themes that have been used over and over in the online slots world over the past couple of decades, and one that we haven't seen all that much is that of the romance story set in a sort of fantasy scenario. That's exactly what you get with Lady Godiva by Pragmatic Play, and it's this atypical theme that helps the game to have a little bit different feel to it. While the gameplay is pretty tame overall, there's nothing really wrong with it, even if it doesn't quite stand out as much as some of their other titles.

    Slot Format

    Like many video slots (more here), this one uses a common format with 20 paylines across five reels and three rows of symbols. Coins range from $0.01 to $0.50, which might seem somewhat restrictive until you realize players can bet up to 10 coins on each payline. That allows for a pretty wide range of different bet sizes, and it starts at only $0.20 per spin, which is well within the budget of even penny stakes players.

    Free Spins Bonus Feature

    We're going to start off by looking at the main feature in this game. You trigger this feature by lining up at least three of the scatter symbol. Once you do this, you have four different options that you can choose from that give you different combinations of a number of free spins and a multiplier for those free spins. It's a really cool way to add an extra level of customization to the game, and it's something we'd like to see more often.

    The purple option gives you 30 free spins with no multiplier at all. This is good for players who want a really low-volatility experience. You can half the free spins and double the multiplier by jumping up to 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier if you like. The next option is 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier, or you can really go all-in with five free spins on a 6x multiplier. The last option will have the highest volatility, but it'll also give you an opportunity to shoot for the largest wins available in the game as a whole.

    The Wild Symbol

    The wild shows up on all five reels in this game, and it's pretty important because of the way the top-end pays work. You can get 400x for five of a kind, 100x for four, 30x for three or 10x for two of a kind in this symbol. When you line up two of a kind in wilds, if there's a three of a kind win that'll give you more than a 10x payout, you'll be given that win instead.

    Important Payouts

    There are four symbols that constitute the largest payouts in the game, outside of the wild. What's important about these symbols is that they pay for just two of a kind or more, so the volatility of the game drops down a bit as the hit-rate increases thanks to the wins you'll get from just two of a kind, which are much easier to hit when you get a wild on one of the first two reels.

    Lady Godiva herself has the red background and awards 100x for five of a kind. Five of the man on the blue background pays 50x, and five of the boy on the orange background gives 30x. Five of Lady Godiva's white horse on the green background pays players 25x.

    The four lower-end symbols require three of a kind or more to pay. The A and K both earn 15x, and the Q and J both get 13x. The payouts for the lower-end symbols are pretty low, but because you'll get so much value from hitting two of a kind wins, especially with the wilds showing up on all reels, it all balances out pretty well.


    Pragmatic Play (read more) has done a fair job with this slot. It's not their best title by far, but it's not terrible either, and it's very much average in every way. What stands out the most is the many two-of-a-kind winning combinations and the option to select the number of free spins and multiplier that you get during the bonus feature. However, these are overshadowed a bit by the super-bland graphics that are about as inspiring as watching paint dry. This software company has shown that they can do better than this, and better graphics would have meant a lot here.

    By Jesse Eddleman