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      Pragmatic Play
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      Video Slots
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    Glorious Rome is a good example of a common trend in the online casino industry of games that are based on Roman or Greek themes. For some reason, it seems like every software provider has at least one or two games with a theme like this, and this is Pragmatic Play's version. It's hard to make a game like this stand out since the theme has been done over and over, but they managed to give it a number of things you don't see in other titles with similar themes. Overall, it's probably one of their best titles with the atypical features and gameplay, and it definitely stands out.

    Game Layout

    The initial layout is pretty straightforward for this video slot with five reels and three rows. There are also 20 paylines, and that leads to very even and standard bet sizes. The minimum coin size is $0.01, and the maximum is $0.50, meaning the minimum bet size per spin is $0.20. However, you can also put up to 10 coins on each of the paylines, so the maximum bet size is scaled up to a whooping $100 per turn. There are tons of options in between these two extremes, so you'll be able to customize your bet size per spin to something that works well for your personal bankroll and comfort levels.

    Wild Symbols

    There are two wild symbols in this game, and it's one of the things that Pragmatic Play has done to make this game stand out so much. The first is the lion's head, and it pays 1,000x for five of a kind. It'll also give you 150x for four or 50x for three of a kin, and it substitutes for all symbols in the game.

    The second wild symbol is the Quadriga, and it also functions as a scatter. Five of a kind in this wild pays 200x, four gives you 20x and three pays 2x. However, these wins are a multiple of your total bet size, making five of a kind pay you the same as a 4,000x line bet win in this game. This is also the largest regular pay in the game.

    Jupiter's Win Bonus Feature

    Three or more of the Quadriga scatter gives you a shot at a bonus feature. You start with 10 free spins, but you can get an unlimited number of free turns if you keep getting scatters. Before the bonus feature starts, one of the character symbols (see below) is chosen to be changed from a normal symbol to a scatter. This will remain throughout the free spins feature, giving you a lot of extra payouts that you wouldn't have received otherwise. This is an atypical way to give value to players in a feature, and it's yet another way that this software company has worked to make sure Glorious Rome stands out from the competition.

    Regular Wins

    The top regular wins come in three tiers. The top tier is made up of four character symbols. The Emperor pays 500x for five, and the queen pays 350x for five. The soldier will pay 250x for five of a kind, and you can get 200x for five of the gladiator symbol. The solider has a red background and the gladiator has a blue one if you're having trouble telling them apart.

    The second tier of symbols consists of the bag of gold and the goblet. These both pay 120x for five, 20x for four and 7x for three of a kind.

    Finally, we have the bottom tier of symbols. Five of a kind in the scroll, grapes or horn will give you a solid 100x win. You can also pick up 15x for four of a kind and 5x for three of a kind. This payout structure gives a lot of wins at all levels and is pretty balanced overall.

    Our Thoughts

    Pragmatic Play did an excellent job with making Glorious Rome stand out as being a bit different than other games with a similar theme, which has been a problem for this particular sub-genre of slots in the past with the games seeming too similar, even when coming from different developers. With this title, however, there are a few different things that stand out as being atypical, and the way the extra value is handled in the free spins feature along with the combination wild and scatter symbol and the extra wild. Overall, this is a game that we think will appeal to a ton of people because of its reasonable volatility and atypical gameplay.

    By Jesse Eddleman