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      Belatra Games
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      Video Slots
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    The precursor to modern, online video slots were game cabinets that included physical buttons you'd have to press since touchscreens weren't invented yet. Belatra Games' Chukcha slot is a throwback to this style of game, and you'll see actual buttons on the screen as if you are facing one of these older game cabinets. It's a different approach that what you normally see. With that having been said, the graphics are pretty below-average, and the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. If you only care about having a chance to win a pretty reasonable jackpot, then that's the only way we can see most players getting much out of this slot.

    Game Layout

    You'll see nine paylines spread across five reels with three rows of symbols in this game. You have the option to play with one, three, five, seven or nine paylines with the buttons across the screen, but you should always play with nine to keep the RTP as high as possible. You'll be able to change your bet size by cycling through a lot of different options with the button controls as well, and betting starts down at the $0.09 level per spin based on $0.01 coin sizes. A ton of other bet sizes are available as well to make it easy to find the exact wager that will best fit your bankroll management strategy.

    Fall in a Hole Bonus Feature

    We don't think that the name of this feature is officially "Fall in a Hole," but since the game doesn't give it a name, we have decided that this one will work nicely. When you get three or more of the kid smiling symbol, you'll be taken to a second screen bonus feature. The kid is standing in front of five holes. You get to choose one of the five holes to jump into, and if you guess correctly, then you get a tamboruine in a weird cave with a couple of odd-looking statues that roughly resemble Mr. Potatohead. This comes along with an instant win payout.

    In a grave turn of events, if you jump into the wrong hole, then you apparently die. As the pay table says, "Make right choice or die." We're not sure that it's that serious, but you may wonder if dying was a better choice than playing this game by the time you're done with this feature.

    Instant Win Feature

    There's another symbol of a man wearing yellow and green while holding a map and looking to the right. If you get three or more of this man on the reels, then you can click him to get instant wins. There's not really a name for this feature, just like there's not a name for the feature we mentioned above where you can fall in a hole and die, so let's hope his handy map keeps him out of trouble and random holes in the ice.

    Top Jackpot Wins

    There are three payouts that are pretty large in this game. The first is the 10,000x jackpot payout for five of the Chukcha logo symbol. You can lso pick up 2,500x for five of the man in dark blue. A 1,000x win is also available for four of the Chukcha logo as well.

    From there, the payouts drop significantly. A 200x win is yours for five of a kind of the moose symbol, and a payout of 100x can be had for five of the polar bear or owl. The wolf and walrus are good for 50x wins as well, and the rest of the payouts in the game for five of a kind are 20x or lower, which we think are ridiculously low for getting five matching, non-scatter symbols on a video slot.

    Our Thoughts

    We have absolutely no idea what's going on in this game. One minute you're getting instant wins from an unexplained guy with a map, and the next minute you're a kid jumping in a hole in the ice and dying because you didn't find a tambourine. The pure weirdness of it is the biggest reason to check this game out because the graphics are below-average and the gameplay is boring and bland. We do not recommend people play this game because of how sub-par it is.

    By Jesse Eddleman