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    European Roulette has been around for centuries. In this Playtech version of European Roulette the wheel has only has one 0. When people see a roulette game, they automatically think of high rollers, James Bond and tiny island casinos!

    The European online roulette wheel and board contain 37 numbers from from 0 - 36, in this Playtech roulette game. The wheel is started spinning and the ball is dropped spinning in the opposite direction. When the ball drops into a numbered slot, the corresponding number on the board is marked and winners are paid.

    The table grid is laid out so that there are three columns, each column holding 12 numbers or if you prefer 12 rows, each row holding 3 numbers. The 0 is placed at the top of the rows/columns. One bet or many can be placed on just one number or many different combinations.

    There are inside bets - bets placed in the numbered part of the grid and outside bets - bets placed in the outside framework of the grid. The object of the game is to place a bet on a number, combination of numbers, color or situation that you predict the ball will land on.

    The payouts for different combinations of European Roulette - inside bets are.

    • Straight-Up Bet - Bet on a single number. Chip must be placed in the center of the number - 35:1
    • Split Bet - Bet on 2 adjacent numbers. Chip must be placed on the line separating the numbers - 17:1
    • Street Bet - Bet on any 3 numbers in a row. Chip must be placed on the outside line, start of the row - 11:1
    • Corner Bet - Bet on a block of 4 numbers. Chip must be placed on crossing lines centering your numbers.- 8:1
    • Four Bet - Bet on numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3. Chip must be placed on crossing line between 0 and first row intersect 8:1
    • Line Bet - Bet on 6 numbers of 2 adjacent rows. Chip is placed on line above dozen bets between the 2 rows - 5:1

    The payouts for different combinations of European Roulette - outside bets are.

    • Column Bet - Bet on 1 of the 3 vertical columns. Chip is placed at the bottom of the column - 2:1
    • Dozen Bet - Bet on 12 numbers in the high, middle or low grouping. Chip is placed on 1 of the following defined areas on the board: First 12, Second 12, Third 12 - 2:1
    • Even Money Bet - Bet on 18 numbers. Chip is placed on 1 of the following squares: Even, Odd, Red, Black, 1-18 or 19-36 - 1:1

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