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If you've been searching for an exciting online casino game that you haven't played before, you can consider your search over because we'd like to introduce you to the Nemo's Voyage slot machine, which is without question one of the most exciting games that you can currently play online.

This wildly entertaining game was developed by the software provider WMS and it can be found at all sites using WMS to power their games. It features 5 reels with an incredible 40 paylines and we guarantee that you'll be hooked on this game after just one spin.

But if you don't believe us, we encourage you to read through our complete Nemo's Voyage review below to see what this slot machine is all about.


As we mentioned above, this particular game features 5 reels with 40 paylines and we should also mention that you are required to play all 40 paylines if you're interested in playing this game.

With that being said, you'll be happy to know that this game is available in denominations ranging from as low as 0.01 to as high as 5.00, which means that you can wager anywhere from 0.40 to 200.00 per spin.

With such a wide range of betting limits available, this is certainly a game that can be enjoyed by all players regardless of their budgets.

Changing Wild Feature.

What's most appealing about this game is that it has a changing wild feature that provides you with an opportunity to experience one of four different wild features on any given spin. The four different features consist of multiplier wilds, pressurized wilds, clumped wilds, and wild reels.

When you play this game for the very first time, you'll initially have the opportunity to experience multiplier wilds only.

However, as you play more and more spins, you'll increase your chances of being able to experience the other types of wild features.

The way the changing wild feature works is actually quite simple. There is a Nautilus on the screen that starts at the top and moves down slowly after each spin. After you've played a certain number of spins, the Nautilus will reach a different wild feature, which will replace the previous wild feature.

The first wild feature, which consists of multiplier wilds, can help you multiple your winnings by two or three times their base value. The second wild feature, consisting of pressurized wilds, will allow wild symbols to expand downward to cover any areas beneath where it originally appeared.

The third wild feature, featuring clumped wilds, allows multiple wild symbols to appear grouped together.

And the final wild feature, which consists of wild reels, will give you an opportunity to generate some major wins as entire reels will be made up entirely of wild symbols.

Nautilus Pressure Feature.

The Nautilus pressure feature works in conjunction with the changing wild feature in the sense that it can impact which wild features are currently active. At the top of the game screen, you'll notice that there is a pressure gauge.

Once the maximum pressure is reached, the gauge resets and at the same time, the Nautilus returns to its starting point. This means that regardless of which wild feature was currently active, you'll immediately be returned to having only multiplier wilds active.

During the course of play, two different symbols can appear on the reels that will influence the pressure gauge.

If an Increase Pressure symbol appears on the reels, the pressure will obviously increase and if a Decrease Pressure symbol appears, the pressure will obviously decrease.

Free Spin Bonus.

One of the most popular features of this game is the free spin bonus round, which is triggered whenever a bonus symbol appears on the first, middle, and last reels during the course of a single spin.

Once triggered, you'll be awarded 8 free spins which will be played at the same bet amount that was played at the time the bonus was triggered. On any given spin, occurring at random, a Giant Squid may appear and change some symbols to wild symbols.

This feature is referred to as the Persisting Wild feature. Whenever any symbols are changed to wild symbols, they will remain as wild symbols for the remainder of your free spins. As you can imagine, this gives you an opportunity to generate some significant winnings on some or all of your free games.

Between the bonus round, the pressure feature, and the changing wild feature, there's plenty to cheer for on each and every spin that you play on this great game.

So as we said at the beginning of our review, if you've been searching for a game that you haven't played before, you should definitely consider trying your luck on this innovative game.

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