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    Yggdrasil is known for producing games that have excellent visuals and graphics, but they're also known for virtually always staying within the bounds of what's considered "normal" layouts for games. With the Power Plant slot, they've kept up with their reputation for strong graphics, but they've thrown their tendency to stick with 5x3 and 5x4 layouts out the door. What you're left with is a game based on a futuristic power plant theme that uses an atypical format in a way that makes a lot of sense, incorporating aspects of it into the gameplay and bonus features.

    Layout and Format

    As soon as you see this game, you'll know it's a bit different. There are five reels of symbols, which is normal enough, but there's a whooping eight different rows for a total of 40 symbols on the screen. There are also 82 paylines that are spread across these reels, which you would think would lead to some really atypical bet sizes. However, Yggdrasil has set the game up so that the betting is like there were 50 paylines instead, which makes things easier to manage.

    You can pick coin sizes that start at $0.005 in this game, which leads to a minimum bet size of $0.25 per turn. We can't remember having seen this before in a slot with a coin denomination lower than $0.01. There are a whole lot of different coin values at various increments, and the maximum is $5, which gives a maximum overall bet size of $250. This game is clearly geared towards players at all stakes.

    Stacked Wild Symbols

    There's a golden symbol with a W on it that appears on all reels, and it's always stacked. This is the wild symbol. While this symbol does not give its own payouts for getting multiple on an activated payline, it's still the most important symbol in the game for a few reasons. First, it can cover an entire reel because of how many of the symbol are in a stack, and that means a huge amount of value with wins you wouldn't have received without it. Second, it's responsible for triggering the main bonus feature in this video slot.

    Re-spin Bonus Feature

    If you get a reel full of wilds, you get a special re-spin bonus feature. The way this feature works is that you'll have that reel of wilds stay put for a re-spin, but you'll also get extra features added on depending on how many stacked wild reels you had to trigger the feature in the first place. You'll get two extra features if there was one wild reel, three features for two and four features for three or more stacked wilds. These extra features are randomly chosen from before your re-spin starts.

    Your available extra features include an option to get three to eight extra winning symbols added to the reels after your spin to give you better winning combinations for better payouts. You can also get an extra superstacked symbol, or you can pick up an option for an additional bonus feature to be added on to your re-spin. You can also earn reel nudges after the spin give you better payouts that maximize your available win, or you can get one extra symbol that is chosen to be an additional wild during the re-spin.

    Symbols and Top Payouts

    Contributing to the low volatility and high hit-rate of this game is the fact that there are only six symbols used overall other than the wild. Five of the orange symbol pays 200x, and five of the red gets you 150x. You can earn 100x for five of the purple, and five of a kind of the blue symbol gives players a smooth 70s. This drops to 60x for five of the cyan, and five of the green picks up a solid 50x.


    The Power Plant video slot by Yggdrasil has excellent gameplay values, and it comes from their smart use of the atypical layout. It dictates how both the features and normal gameplay work, and it gives players an excellent option for particularly high hit-rate play. We think this will appeal to all players with an exception for those who just have to have some kind of huge jackpot that kicks the volatility into a particularly high level. This title does not center around that type of gameplay, but for everyone else, we anticipate that it will be a hit.

    By Jesse Eddleman