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    Dragons have been a popular symbol in an absolutely huge number of books, movies, television shows and other types of media. Double Dragons, a game by Yggdrasil, captures what happens when two of these creatures come into conflict with each other. You'll see some pretty solid graphics that make this game interesting visually when you play, and you'll also find a good example of Yggdrasil not being lazy when it comes to matching up the theme, the visuals and the features available with the gameplay this title offers. It's a great game all around, and it will appeal to a wide range of players.

    Game Format

    The format for this online slot is based on having 25 paylines across five reels with three rows of symbols. This might be the most popular video slot format of all time, and if it's not, then it's definitely in the top three. Players cannot play for fewer than 25 paylines as they are locked in, but you can change the coin size that you bet on each reel. It starts at $0.01 apiece for a total minimum bet size of $0.25 per spin, which will be fine for any type of player at any level of stakes. On the upper end, players can bet with coins worth $5 each, and that puts the maximum wager at $125 per turn.

    Cascading Symbols

    The first feature that needs to be discussed is the cascading symbols feature. The way this works is that winning combinations cause the winning symbols to explode after they are paid, and new symbols fall down into place for what is basically a free re-spin. This means you have much better chances of hitting multiple winning combinations on the same spin, and you can actually hit some fun combinations that will give you several re-spins in a row in this way, which is a lot of extra value added to the game without you having to do anything special.

    The Double Dragons Feature

    Along these lines, if you get four wins in a row including these re-spins (your original spin plus wins on three re-spins), then you'll activate the Double Dragons feature. This feature drops two stacked wild symbols on the second and fourth row, and they will cover the entire reel. One represents the red dragon, and the other represents the blue, but they both give you a tremendous increase in your chances of hitting big combinations.

    Dragon Head Wild Symbols

    The blue and red dragons correspond to ice and fire, respectively, in this game, and there are two different wilds that show up on the reels to reflect this. The red dragon head gives a fire-breathing feature that adds two or three extra wilds to the reels at random. The blue dragon head, however, gives you a 2x multiplier on the winnings you get from your free re-spins, which can turn into a big boost in your overall payouts. It's cool to see smaller features like this thrown in with the wild symbols because they add value and a lot of action to the regular gameplay.

    You can also collect nine of either dragon head to activate a set of five free spins with their own special features.

    Important Payouts

    There are eight regular symbols in the game broken up into two sets. The first set is based on four different dragon eyes. Five of the purple eye pays 125x, and five of the orange gets you 100x. You can earn a win worth 90x for five of the blue eye, and the green eye gives players 80x for a five of a kind win.

    Also available are the four card suits, but they have been stylized to fit in with the game's theme in a major way, and Yggdrasil was not lazy at all in how they implemented this. Five of the purple spade pays a solid 50x, as does five of the red heart. Five of the blue diamond or green club will get you a 40x win as well.


    In our view, Yggdrasil's Double Dragons slot is the perfect blend between impressive visuals and strong gameplay. There are a lot of features that go into making this an exciting experience for players, and this includes a number of features that show up regularly, so you don't have to worry about it increasing the volatility to absurd levels. Overall, this is a title that we recommend, and it's a good representation of what this software company has to offer players.

    By Jesse Eddleman