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    There are three ways to be different in the online slots world. The first way is to offer atypical themes, the second is to offer atypical formats, and the third is to offer atypical features. Unfortunately, these first two methods are often cosmetic only, but the third is able to offer some real depth in the gameplay of a slot. This is the case with the Yggdrasil-powered Incinerator video slot. It has a different spin on the cascade feature that offers players opportunities to win multiple times on the same spins like you most likely haven't ever seen before. This leads to a lot of fast action, chances for guaranteed five of a kind wins and more.

    Format and Layout

    The basic layout of this game isn't anything out of the ordinary. As far as online slots like these go, the five-reel, three-row and 20-payline format of this game is about as normal as it gets. All 20 paylines are locked in, which is necessary for the feature and gameplay, and you can choose from a variety of coin sizes to determine your overall bet size. However, you can't wager multiple coins on each payline. With that having been said, there are 20 different coin sizes to choose from, ranging from $0.01 to $10 apiece, so you'll have plenty of flexibility in choosing a bet size that fits your bankroll and tolerance for risk.

    Six Different Payouts

    Let's start with the regular symbols in this game. Yggdrasil (read more) has set up a situation where there are only six different paying symbols. This means you're going to have great chances of hitting multi-line wins and scoring over and over again with the cascade feature that we'll discuss below. Fewer types of symbols means better chances of hitting winning combinations in general.

    The highest-paying symbol is a simple blue wheel that has what appear to be yellow arrows on it. This pays out 200x for five of a kind and 75x for four of a kind, which are obviously lower than the top jackpots available in most slots. However, as you'll see below, you will often win several times on the same spin, so four-figure wins are well within your reach in this game.

    The red cube with lights coming off of the end of it pays 100x for five and 40x for four. There is also an orange diamond or pyramid type of figure, and it'll get you a 30x win for four of a kind along with a payout worth 80x for five. The green triangle with a black center pays 70x for five, and you'll earn 60x for the purple figure that looks like a combination between a pentagon and a gear with five teeth on it. The lowest-paying symbol is the glowing red cylinder that seems to have some kind of light coming out of the ends and the sides. It pays 50x for five.

    It's worth noting that wild symbols also appear on all of the reels, but they don't have their own payouts.

    The Cascading Incineration Feature

    The theme of the game is that all of these symbols are various types of space garbage, and you're trying to incinerate them. This is made easier by the cascading incineration feature. When you get a winning combination, the incinerator (thus the name of the game) turns on and burns up the symbols that made up that combination. More trash falls into place in the form of symbols after your payout is awarded for what amounts to a sort of free spin or cascade feature, and new winning combinations can be awarded.

    Each time you get a new winning combination, the process repeats. However, if you get three wins in a row on the same spin like this, a pattern of wilds is added to the board. The pattern you get is chosen ahead of time and displayed on the left-hand side of the screen. Every sixth, ninth, twelft, etc. spin is also hit with wild patterns. However, the pattern you get first on a spin is smaller than the patterns you get after that, and can have just half as many wilds. The latter patterns all guarantee at least one five of a kind win as well.

    Our Thoughts

    The wild pattern feature aspect of the cascading incineration feature in Yggdrasil's Incinerator slot provides some pretty solid gameplay. While the symbols come across as being a little generic, the graphics are good enough that it works out, especially since it perfectly fits the space garbage theme. Overall, this is a fun game with exciting gameplay, though some players might miss out on feeling like there's a single, huge jackpot to be won.

    By Jesse Eddleman