• The Link

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      Gluck Games
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      Video Slots
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    There are thousands and thousands of video slots out there, and some are more original and creative than the others, but in most cases, it’s just a recycled take on some theme you’ve surely seen somewhere before.

    Well, The Link certainly does stand out from the crowd, and offers something unique, and we’re sure you haven’t really seen that many games that fit this description.

    This is a concept that relies on classic slots, but comes with bucketloads of appeal and charm, even though it might come off as a bit too simplistic to some.

    Tic Tac Toe or What?

    The visuals look tasteful, yet simple, and it seems as if the whole thing takes place somewhere out in deep space. The symbols are actually simple geometrical shapes, but they come tinted in different colors.

    So, there is a deep purple X sign, a light purple diamond, a calming blue square, a bright red triangle, and a bright green circle.

    When you take it all into consideration, there are 3 reels and 3 rows, so the whole interface looks like some futuristic version of tic tac toe.

    There are tiny flakes flying slowly around, looking a bit like dust specks, and the music that’s featured in the game is calming and soothing, but at the same time it invokes feelings of intensity and mystery, and adds up to the overall spacey vibe.

    Pop The Hood Open

    The interface is very simple, and you can only adjust the bet size, and you can also hold the auto button when you get tired from clicking away on the one that spins the reels. The RTP is fairly high at 93%.

    Bonus Features

    Unfortunately, you won’t find any bonus games here, as the point of the game is to keep things simple. If you’re out there searching for cool bonuses and additional features perhaps it would be a good idea to look elsewhere.

    Over here you will find that the golden star symbol is actually the wild one, and it can be considered as the only sort of bonus feature in this video slot. As is the case with all games, the wild can substitute for any other symbol, but it can also help you win on multiple lines!

    In Conclusion

    All things considered, this is a fairly basic game that draws inspiration from classic slot games from the past, and as such it can be a great game for younger and aspiring players, who still need to work on their gaming skills.

    The Link is a quirky little gem of a game, and it surely deserves the attention of all players out there, and if it isn’t up to your taste, you can always try one of the other games from the Gluck Games portfolio.