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    Fruitoids slots were developed by Yggdrasil Gaming and can currently be played online at a number of reputable online casinos.

    The Fruitoids slot machine features 5-reels with 25-lines of pulse-pounding gaming action that will excite even the most lackadaisical casino player. As far as we know, there's not really another game like it anywhere else, be it offline or online, which is why we strongly encourage all of our website visitors to consider trying their luck on this extremely unique casino game.

    As you continue reading through our review below, we'll tell you exactly why we think you'll fall in love with the Fruitoids slot machine.

    We're confident that once you reach the bottom of this page, you won't be able to wait any longer to get in on the action by trying your luck on the Fruitoids slot.

    Fruitoids Online Slots Wagering.

    One of the most interesting things about Fruitoids slots is that they come in some extremely surprising denominations.

    For example, the Fruitoids slot machine can be played for as little as 0.0032 credits per line, which equates to a total bet of just 0.08 per spin when playing the maximum of 25 lines.

    The next highest denomination is 0.0072 credits per line for a total bet of 0.18 per spin when playing the maximum number of lines. The rest of the denominations are pretty basis and range from 0.01 to 2.00 credits per line.

    This means that you can bet a maximum of 50.00 per spin when playing the maximum number of lines. To the best of our knowledge, we aren't aware of any other online slot machines that allow you to bet less than 0.01 per line, which in and of itself is a pretty unique feature of the Fruitoids slot machine.

    Fruitoids Slot Machine Symbols.

    A truly unique feature of the Fruitoids slot machine is that it features just seven standard symbols. There are no wilds, scatters, or any other extra symbols that are found on most modern slot machines these days.

    The seven symbols that the Fruitoids slot machine does have can best be described as futuristic plants, but we'll let you decide for yourself what to call them. Nevertheless, all of these symbols occur pretty frequently because no one symbol is that much better than another on the Fruitoids slot machine.

    We'll have more on the actual payouts of each symbol as you continue reading below, but the true beauty of this game is that each and every symbol can potentially produce some significant winnings while playing the Fruitoids slot machine.

    Fruitoids Spinning Streak Re-Spin Feature.

    The most exciting feature of the Fruitoids slot machine, without question, is the re-spin feature that is triggered whenever three or more of the same symbols appear on the first three reels.

    When the re-spin feature is activated, the triggering symbols will be held and the reels will spin again. The goal of the re-spin feature is to collect more of the triggering symbols. If you're able to do so, those symbols will also be held and you'll be awarded with additional re-spins.

    This will continue until all of the reels are filled with the same symbols or until you are unable to collect additional symbols during a re-spin.

    As you can imagine, just the thought of getting an entire screen full of the same symbols is more than enough motivation for most casino players to try their luck on the Fruitoids slot machine.

    Fruitoids Re-Spin Multipliers.

    If the re-spin feature on the Fruitoids slot machine didn't get you excited about trying out this online casino game, perhaps you'll be ready to try a few spins after we tell you about the re-spin multipliers that you can get while playing the Fruitoids slot machine. These multipliers, which range from 2X to 5X, can be activated by filling an entire reel beginning with the leftmost reel.

    For example, during the re-spin feature, you'll receive a 3X multiplier at the end of the feature if you're able to fill the first three reels with the same symbols. In order to get a 5X multiplier, you would need to fill the entire screen with the same symbols.

    Believe it or not, this actually happens quite often, which is why it can really pay to play the Fruitoids slot machine.

    Fruitoids Slot Payouts.

    The payouts on the Fruitoids slot machine are pretty straightforward thanks to the fact that this slot machine doesn't have any wild, scatter, or bonus symbols to complicate matters. Instead, it has just seven standard symbols as we mentioned above and each symbol has its own payouts.

    The lowest paying symbols are the Green and Red symbols, which feature payouts of 3, 8, or 20 for 3, 4, or 5 symbols respectively. The next highest payouts are for the Pink and Purple symbols, which feature payouts of 6, 10, or 30 for 3, 4, or 5 of the same symbols.

    Next up is the Blue symbol, which features a payout of 8, 15, or 50 for 3, 4, or 5 of the same symbols. And last but not least is the Yellow symbol, which features payouts of 10, 20, or 100 for 3, 4, or 5 symbols respectively.

    We'd like to also remind you that you can get multipliers of 2, 3, 4, or 5 times while playing the Fruitoids slot machine, which means that you can win anywhere from 15 to 500 credits per payline if you're able to get the best symbol with the best multiplier during the re-spin feature.

    This may seem unlikely, but in our experience, more people are able to win the maximum amount on the Fruitoids slot machine than on virtually any other online casino game.

    And this is just one of the many reasons why we are proud to recommend the Fruitoids slot machine to all of our website visitors. After all, there's really not another game like this one available online.