• Dungeon Immortal Evil

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      Evoplay Entertainment
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      Video Slots
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    EvoPlay Entertainment is known for more than forty titles which cover a wide range of different themes, each one of them including 3D or high-definition graphical solutions...

    ...in addition to other top-notch technologies.

    But, with this release, the developer definitely challenged everything traditional, when they launched Dungeon Immortal Evil...

    ...the industry’s first role-playing (RPG) casino slot!

    Forget reels, forget pay lines, for you’re about to play a game like no other!

    If you’re a fan of RPG games such as God of War, The Witcher and Devil May Cry...

    ...then this release is going to blow you away! 

    There is also a certain adjustment to standard bonuses...

    ...with free spins diversified with level-based play and certain qualities added to symbols in the game. 

    Theme & Design

    Dungeon Immortal Evil is a 3D video game that takes full advantage of the latest HTML5 technology to create a role-playing game experience. 

    With a non-stop action, swords flying all around the screen and a boss battle to rival any epic RPG...

    ...the title is here to change slots forever!

    It has a whole new approach to design and controls, as well as to the way reel-spinning may be portrayed. 

    The game immediately takes players to a neatly rendered 3D gaming environment set inside some mythical, dark dungeon...

    ...where evil creatures reside including demons, succubae, skeletons and others. 

    Each “spin” sees your character run through a ruined castle, take an almighty leap, smashing his axes into the ground, killing all enemies around him. 

    These enemies then drop various loot items which translate into wins. 

    If you want to get to know your enemy, there is a pretty handy bestiary that you can flick through...

    ...learning all about the enemies you will come up against in the base game and bonus modes!

    One of the most interesting aspects of the game is that...

    ...it changes depending on how you play it.

    If you play in turbo mode, the character will jump through the rooms and leap-attack the bad guys, which means that you don’t just get a higher pace of play, but a more action-packed one as well. 

    Betting Options

    Although the game features impressive 3D graphics and looks like a video game, Evoplay Entertainment developers emphasize that...

    ...unlike traditional RPGs, there is no skill involved.

    Wins are based completely on a Random Number Generator, with a 96.2% RTP and medium-high volatility, so...

    ...players would rely on randomness as they cannot influence the outcomes. (read more)

    The game’s maximum advertised payout reaches 5,000x the total stake in one round.

    The coin value ranges from €0.10 to €500, and you can set the value according to your betting strategy.

    Symbols in this game are hand-drawn demons of the underworld, each with own characteristics and payout rating.

    Imp Demon is a small and fast-moving nemesis that pays 90 coins when killed, while...

    ...Skeleton has the lowest payout ratio granting only 75 coins, but we talk about a fragile and fable opponent you’ll beat anytime.

    On the other side, massive and frightening Inferno is the highest-paying symbol able to damage your hero 26x with his sharp teeth and enormous fists.

    Still, winners of the battle with this clumsy yet extremely dangerous demon will receive 180 coins.

    Also, Succubus pays 110 coins dealing a 21x-damage with the attack speed 1. 

    Special Features

    The game uses a Loot system which means that...

    ...each monster will come with a certain loot attached. 

    Common loot is white, uncommon is blue, rare loot is yellow, epic is violet, and legendary is orange

    Each monster can drop up to five loots that you can collect. These will result in level advancement, health, and strength.

    But watch out: some chests are enemies in disguise!

    In free spins, there are chests located after each battle with monsters. 

    As you progress through the dungeon, be ready to enjoy Bonus Achievements. 

    The hero is teleported through a portal and enters a dungeon. 

    The dungeon has seven different rooms, with six monsters and one big boss, and...

    ...every victory will win you a chest with a bonus, increasing your chances of making it to the final boss.

    Evil is a powerful enemy and will require maxed out armour and weapons to beat. 

    With the final fight, you may win a bet multiplier of up to 5000x! 

    This is crazy:

    There will also be three random features:

    Mimic will reward you with an additional monster. Defeating a monster will get you 5 types of random loot which can be obtained in the main game.

    Big Game is five weak monsters heading your way, including the one with a high probability of leaving a loot.

    Bad Company is five monsters with a high loot probability.

    Our Take

    One thing is sure...

    ...Dungeon Immortal Evil is a game like no other!

    All RPG fans are going to fall in love with it, even though the game stays true to its slot-based origins.

    The game also has that 5000x win potential making it a must-try game! 


    The sounds, graphics, animations, battles and concept are beautifully designed, creating quite a different, but exciting experiences!