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    Yggdrasil Gaming has a good history of taking themes that have been used before over and over in the online slot world and putting a spin on them that makes them their own. This is the case with Rainbow Ryan, a game that uses a theme that draws heavily from leprechaun and Irish motifs. You'll find that the format, gameplay and feature set are all a bit different than what you're used to, and the graphics are outstanding with a strong rock soundtrack.

    The twist on the theme here is that Rainbow Ryan is actually a rocking leprechaun who plays the guitar in the bottom-left corner of the screen and who helps you to get bigger winning combinations.

    Format and Layout

    This game has a huge layout with six reels and four rows. It's also an all-ways style of game, and that means that you've got 4,096 ways to win on each spin. That obviously lends itself to a particularly high hit-rate, and the features in this game only drive that point home by making it even easier to hit winning combinations.

    Betting is set up to be based around wagering 50 coins per spin. Because they wanted to make this game as accessible as possible to players, they have added coins as low as $0.002 apiece, and that gives you a minimum bet size of just $0.10 per spin. It's clear that they wanted this game to be affordable for everyone. The largest coin size available is $2 for bets of $100 per turn, so they have high rollers and everyone in between covered as well.

    Rainbow Reels Feature

    On random spins, Ryan will start playing his guitar and cause two or more reels to sync up. When this happens, they will be covered with a rainbow and show the same set of four symbols on each. The point behind this is that it makes it much easier for players to hit winning combinations. This is made even more the case due to the fact that players can sync up wild symbols as well and duplicate them across the reels along similar lines. The wilds do not have their own winning combinations, but they give you plenty of opportunities to hit extra payouts.

    Free Spins Bonus Feature

    The free spins scattered bonus symbol appears on each of the six reels, and you can get three or more of them anywhere on the game board to get a set of free turns. Three of this symbol earns seven free spins, four gets you 10, five gets you 15 and a total of six of this symbol earns 20 free spins.

    On the first free spin, the Rainbow Reel feature is activated with two reels. It stays active for all of the free spins, but the twist is that it can increase in terms of the number of reels it applies to. On top of that, the number can never decrease during the feature, but it can increase, so you'll obviously have chances for some pretty huge payouts by the end of it.

    Payouts and Prizes

    Six of the green hat full of gold wins 250x, and six of the pair of boots will get you 200x. You can pick up six of the microphone for a 150x win, and six of the mug of beer pays 100x. All four of these symbols require just two of a kind for a payout, so it's clear to see that there's an enormous hit-rate available in this game.

    The bottom half of the pay table has the four card suits. Six of a kind of the green spade earns a 70x win. The payout for six of the red heart is also 70x. For the orange diamond and blue club, the win is 50x for six of a kind of each.


    Everything about Rainbow Ryan is geared towards having a huge rate of payout in terms of frequent wins. You only need two of a kind to win with half of the paying symbols in the game on a six-reel slot with the all-ways format, so it's easy to see how that contributes to a low volatility and enormously high hit-rate. What's more is that the features make it more likely to win with bigger combinations, so there are ways to win some pretty impressive prizes here as well.

    By Jesse Eddleman