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      Big Time Gaming
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    A lot of slot providers have tried to build atypical formats into their slots, but many don't see much success because they don't back up that atypical layout with strong gameplay. Big Time Gaming's Megaways line of games is an exception to this, and their Queen of Riches title is a great example of super-strong gameplay backing up an atypical format game. This title has an Egyptian theme with solid graphics and music with just enough effects to be visually appealing. The volatility is low in this game because of the super-high hit-rate, but you'll also have chances to run up some pretty incredible wins thanks to the nature of the format.

    The Megaways Format

    The Megaways format by Big Time Gaming is what this game is based on. It's an all-ways format game, which is pretty fashionable, but it also uses six reels with seven rows of symbols, which is virtually unheard of outside of this line of games. This provides players with thousands of ways to win, depending on the exact number of stacked symbols on each reel. Something cool about this game is that it shows exactly how many ways you could win after each spin based on the stacked symbols as well.

    Bet sizing is based on choosing a total wager per spin. This varies from $0.20 to $40 per turn. The win sizes are based on a multiple of your stake per spin, so for the sake of making things as clear as possible, we're going to list the wins in the following based on what you would win with a bet size of $1 per spin. You can then scale the wins up or down according to how big or small your actual bet size happens to be.

    Regular Wins

    A good place to start with looking at Queen of Riches is the top symbols. The pyramid pays $30 for six of a kind and $15 for five. It's also the only symbol that pays for two of a kind, which is incredible on a six-reel slot. Six of the red bird gem symbol picks up $6, and five will earn you $2.50. Six of the blue scarab is good for $3, and five gives players $1.25. You can also pick up $1.75 for six of the eye of Ra.

    The lower symbols are the traditional A, K, Q, etc. symbols. Six of the purple A gets you $1.50, and six of the red K is good for $1.25. Six of the blue Q gives $1.00, and you'll get $0.75 for the green J when you land six. The top prize for the orange 10 is $0.60 for six, and it's $0.50 for six of the cyan 9 symbol.

    Some of these payouts might seem low, but you have to remember that they're multiplied by the number of ways you could win them. For example, if you have a single stacked symbol on three reels and a double stacked symbol on the other three, that's eight different ways you could win (multiply all of the sizes of the stacks to get 1 x 1 x 1 x 2 x 2 x 2 to get 8). From this viewpoint, you can get some major league prizes as your overall win for the spin.

    Wild Symbols

    Wild symbols are something a lot of people just take for granted, but with the Megaways format, they're a pretty big deal. The wilds in this game are stacked seven symbols high, so they can end up covering an entire reel. What's more is that they have multipliers attached to them worth up to 7x as well. This means you can get huge payouts with even just one on the reels, but getting more than one at the reels at once could lead to major jackpot-sized payouts in this online slot.


    Queen of Riches is a very solid game with a ton of action. The high hit-rate combines with the atypical format to give you opportunities to win plenty of small, medium and large wins. Big Time Gaming has done a great job with this title as far as not relying on the Megaways format to carry the whole game, and it just goes to show that atypical formats can lead to great games of gameplay as a whole isn't neglected. The gameplay in this title is excellent, and we think it'll appeal to a very wide range of players.

    By Jesse Eddleman