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    The name Nucleus Gaming isn't as popular as a lot of other software providers, and that's interesting because of the quality of the games that they provide. We'll see more about why that is along with their connection with Betsoft down below, but suffice to say that they have a license in Malta, which is a high-level license, and they have existed since at least 2016.

    They do not put out a lot of information about themselves other than the games they offer, and that's something about this developer that either makes it seem interesting or shady depending on who you ask.

    The Betsoft Connection

    If you look at the selection of titles available from Nucleus Gaming, and then you look at the online slots in particular that are offered by Betsoft, it won't take long for you to notice some similarities, to put it lightly. More straightforward, they have the exact same games with no differences except for the names. Even the fonts of the titles are exactly the same.

    When you combine that with the fact that they don't put out much about themselves as a company, it wouldn't be unreasonable to wonder if the games were being used without permission. However, this is thankfully not the case, and all signs point to the notion that Nucleus Gaming is some sort of subsidiary of Betsoft. To what end, we have no idea.

    Game Quality and Selection

    This software company has a complete selection of titles in every genre. This includes online slots as well as all types of table games. There's even a solid selection of video poker titles. As a result, they have a comprehensive online casino software solution without the need for titles from other developers. This isn't as common as an approach that relies on a very small but high-quality game selection, so it's nice to see some balance in the industry as a whole on this front.

    With that having been said, the online slots are definitely where things shine with this developer. They have over 100 games with 3D graphics and great offerings of bonus features, multiple stages, in-depth characters and other goodies, and these titles stand out for their high level of quality in an industry that's already very competitive as it is.


    Despite the somewhat unclear connection between Nucleus Gaming and Betsoft, it's pretty clear that they are working together in some capacity. Along these lines, this developer benefits from having some of the best online slots in the industry, and they have a full casino software suite with plenty of other types of titles as well. That's something that helps them to stand out on the quality side, but the sheer number of games they have ready to go is also fairly impressive and is something that we would like to see more of in an industry that could benefit from more aggressive release schedules.

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