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    We can say firmly and confidently that the Million Coins Respins slot, available at iSoftBet online casinos, has the largest non-progressive payout available that we have ever seen in the history of video slots. It uses a throwback theme with lots of symbols from older styles of classic slots, and it has an extremely high level of volatility, which you would expect from a game with a top prize that's so large. Aside from that, the gameplay is largely centered around shooting for this big jackpot, and there aren't a lot of other bells and whistles to distract you along the way.

    Slot Format

    To have such a tremendous top prize, this game needed a very solid foundation in the form of its layout. Along these lines, they went with five reels, three rows and 20 paylines that pay from left to right only. This is the most popular format because of how solid it actually is and how well it works as the foundation for a video slot. You can wager up to five coins per line with coins worth $0.01 to $1, giving this title a betting range of $0.20 to $1 apiece.

    We want to take this opportunity to point out how important it is that players realizing just how huge the volatility is in this slot. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you lower your bet size quite a bit until you get used to how the swings can be, and you may want to pair that with longer sessions as well.

    The Ultra Wins

    You need to have five coins activated in this game to allow the ultra win combinations, and not doing so will decrease your RTP. There are symbols that show a 10, 0 and 00, and they can combine on different paylines to give you big wins. Getting the 10, 0, 0, 0 and 00 on the first payline activates the 1 million-coin payout that's listed in the name of the game, and it pays 100,000x on all other paylines, which is still a tremendous prize. You can also get 100,000x for 10, 0, 0, 0 on any payline. Prizes correspond to 10,000x, 1,000x, 100x and 10x as well, which means the 10 symbol anywhere on the first reel gives you a 10x payout automatically for each payline it crosses, for example.

    Wild Logo Symbol

    The logo for the Million Coins Respins slot is the wild symbol. It makes its appearance on all five reels, but it does not substitute for any of the ultra win symbols (10, 0 and 00). Aside from that, it substitutes for everything else in the game, and it also has some reasonable prizes itself. Five of a kind earns a 10,000x top prize, which is actually larger than most top jackpots in most video slots. Wins of 5,000x or 500x can be yours for four of a kind or three of a kind. In a move that helps to increase the hit-rate a little, you can also win for just one or two of the wilds. Two of a kind gets 50x, and just one still pays out a 5x prize.

    Other Payouts

    The fortune symbol is worth 2,000x for five of a kind. There are two lucky red sevens, and the one that's flaming earns you a prize of 1,000x for five on a payline. Five of the not-so-flaming seven earns 300x. The triple, double and single bars pay out 250x, 150x and 100x for five, respectively.

    Any combination of sevens that do not match earn 30x for five, and you can also get 20x for any set of mismatched bar symbols. Finally, the classic cherry symbol will still get you a 30x win when you line up five on a line.

    In Summary

    The main thing to realize about the Million Coins Respins slot is that its gameplay is completely different than what you're probably used to. iSoftBet has created this game in a way that you'll really need to be familiar with how the features and payouts work, or you could risk sitting there scratching your head trying to figure out why you got a payout you weren't expecting. Players who prefer a lot of bonus features will probably not like this title, but the 1 million-coin prize is enough to get just about anyone interested in what this game has to offer.

    By Jesse Eddleman