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    There are a lot of people out there who very much prefer video slots over their classic cousins, but for many, it comes down to the reputation that three-reel games have for being a bit boring. iSoftBet avoids falling into this trope by offering fast-paced and engaging gameplay within the classic environment.

    There are a lot of ways to win some pretty impressive pays, but the volatility isn't quite as crazy as you might expect because there's some balance that helps to improve the hit-rate and keep the swings from getting out of hand.

    A Classic Format

    The layout used in this title is as classic as it gets. There are three reels with three rows of symbols for the traditional 3x3 grid, and five paylines extend from left to right only in this game. You'll always be wagering five coins on each payline for a total bet of 25 coins on each turn. The coin sizes go from $0.01 at the minimum to $1 at the maximum, and that means the overall betting range is $0.25 to $25 per turn. Players at all levels of stakes and with all sizes of bankrolls will be able to find wager sizes that fit what they are comfortable with here, and we like how many different options there are for players along these lines.

    The Lucky Lady Wild Symbol

    The lucky lady is the single most important symbol in this game, and you probably gathered that from the name of the title. It always appears in stacks of three, and it turns wild whenever it lands in a way that covers the entire reel. Any winning combinations with one or two wilds in this way will double the value of all non-lucky lady winning combos.

    That adds a tremendous amount of value to a symbol that's already valuable because of its payouts. The fact that it shows up stacked really adds a lot of value as well, especially since the win for three of a kind comes in at the 1,000x level. It's really easy to see how a couple of these stacked wilds would lead to lots of other wins as well since it would force payouts on all five paylines every single time no matter what showed up on the other reel.

    Progressive Jackpot Payout

    The other most important symbol that this game has to offer is a jackpot symbol with a big diamond in a golden trim. Three of these lined up on the same payline (note, this is not a scatter symbol) will trigger the progressive jackpot listed in the top-right corner of the game. This is the largest individual payout that you can win in this title, but it's also the most difficult to hit. With that having been said, it's a very strong win considering that there's no minimum bet size required to qualify for it. However, your chances of winning are in proportion to the size of the bet that you use so that things are kept fair for players at all stakes.

    Other Prizes and Payouts

    Aside from the lucky lady and the progressive, the best-paying symbol is the lucky sevens. Three of a kind wins a very solid 400x payout here, but things don't drop off from there. You can get 300x for three of the bell symbol, and three of the cherries will give you a 200x payout as well. It steps down accordingly to 100x for three of a kind of the yellow triple bar symbol. A set of three of the red double bar gives you 50x, and it's 25x for three of a kind combinations of the blue single bar symbols.

    There's another combination in this game that gives you a 15x win that increases the hit-rate overall, and that's for mismatched bar symbols. This is won for any set of three bars, no matter what they are, as long as they don't all match.

    In Summary

    The Lucky Lady classic slot is obviously a throwback to a lot of what you'd find in the titles of the past, but it's set up in a way that provides some fairly exciting gameplay. That's what addresses the main criticism of classic titles, so we think that players who tend to prefer video-style games may want to check out what iSoftBet has going on with this title. Between the stacked wilds and the progressive jackpot, there's a lot to be excited about.

    By Jesse Eddleman