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    iSoftBet has created a lot of games with a lot of different themes. Like many software providers, they've used concepts from older styles of games, and the Lucky 3 video slot is a good example of that. This game uses an atypical style of gameplay as the basis for the slot itself, and everything about the game is built around facilitating that. If you're looking for a game with simple but atypical gameplay, then this is a good option, but you have to come into it realizing that the graphics are purposefully of a much older style.

    An Atypical Slot Format

    You'll see a grid of five rows and five columns whenever you go to play this game. The vertical columns are paylines, and the horizontal rows are paylines. There are five rows that correspond to the five paylines in the game. You'll also notice multipliers down the right-hand side of the reels, and we'll address that below.

    Betting is made really simple in this game. You always have all five paylines activated, and you always bet one coin on each payline. However, you can choose from 11 different coin sizes that range from $0.02 to $10 apiece. This puts the total range of available bet sizes for the game as a whole at $0.10 to $50 per spin. Clearly, small stakes players and high rollers alike will have no issue with finding a bet size that works for them, even with how simplified the betting is in this game.

    Payline-based Multipliers

    Something really interesting about this game is that iSoftBet has attached multipliers to each of the five paylines. The first payline has a 1x multiplier, the second has a 2x multiplier and so on. This creates a situation where there are a ton of different available wins for the same exact payouts, but it also means that you'll be more excited about a winning combination depending on how low it appears on the reels. It's a really interesting arrangement for the payouts, and it's not like anything we can remember having ever seen before.

    Normal Payout Levels

    The hit-rate in this game is really high considering the fact that it only has five paylines, and the way the symbols are structured are a bit part of that. There are only three symbols in the entire game, and this is definitely the fewest that we've ever seen in the history of the industry.

    The watermelon is the lowest of the three, and it comes on a blue background that contrasts really well. Five of a kind earns 10x, four gets you 3x and three pays 1x. With the cherry symbol, the middle symbol of the three, five earns 15x. You can also get a prize of 5x for four of a kind or a win of 2x for three of a kind. Finally, we have the lemon symbol on a red background. It pays 25x for five, 10x for four and three of a kind awards 5x. These are all multiplied by the amount for their respective payline, so five of the cherries on the third payline would pay 45x instead.

    The Big Jackpot Win

    If you line up five of the lemon symbol on the fifth payline, that would normally be a win worth 125x, since you're getting a 25 payout times the 5x multiplier. However, in this online slot, you'll be paid 500x instead as a special jackpot payout. That adds some volatility to the game by tying up some value at the top-end of the pay table, but the game as a whole still has a pretty low volatility in spite of it.


    Lucky 3 is a particularly atypical game, and its gameplay style is something that will appeal to players who like low-volatility titles. If you were a fan of older fruit machines, you might get something out of it as well, but it definitely has a video slot feel despite the atypical format. The simple gameplay will not appeal to all players, but there's a core group of fans who really like titles like this, and that's where it will find its biggest following.

    By Jesse Eddleman



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