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    If we're being totally and completely honest, the Castle Builder slot machine is one of the most complex casino games that you're likely to ever come across online.

    That's not to say that this game isn't an absolute riot to play, but we just want to forewarn you that it takes some patience and understanding in order to appreciate everything that this game has to offer.

    The Castle Builder slot machine was developed by a company called Rabcat and distributed by the software provider Microgaming. It is available at almost every site that uses the popular Quickfire platform to deliver games to their players.

    With 5 reels and 15 paylines, it might not seem like much at first glance, but you might quickly change your mind after you've had a chance to read through the remainder of our review below.


    As noted previously, this online casino game features 5 reels with 15 paylines. It is available in a variety of different denominations, which range from as little as 0.01 to as much as 1.00.

    Depending on the denomination that you choose, you can wager a total of 0.15 to 15.00 per spin assuming that you prefer to play the maximum number of paylines possible.

    Based on this information, it's safe to say that this game can be enjoyed by practically everybody regardless of what their gambling budget may be.

    Wild Symbol.

    As is the case with most games these days, this particular game has a wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols, with the exception of building symbols.

    The wild symbol for this game is the Builder, which can appear on all of five reels. When the Builder appears, you can almost certainly expect to generate some significant winnings because this symbol always has the potential to help you break the bank.

    Building Symbols.

    Perhaps even more important than the wild symbol are the building symbols. After all, given the name of this game, it can be assumed that the building symbols are more or less the essence of what this game is all about. These symbols come in for different variations; standard, bronze, silver, and gold.

    In order to build each castle during the course of this game, you'll need to collect a certain number of each of these building symbols.

    For example, you're expected to collect 2 standard, 3 bronze, 4 silver, and 5 gold building symbols in order to make progress towards the completion of each castle.

    Ultimately, the more of these symbols you are able to collect, the more your castle will be worth upon its completion.

    Royal Wedding.

    As soon as you complete your first castle, an heir to the king will move in and will choose one of three admirers.

    Depending on which admirer is chosen, you could be rewarded with a small win if a poor fellow is selected, a medium win if an average citizen is selected, or a huge win if a rich guy is selected.

    And remember, this takes place each time you complete a castle, which means that the more you play, the more you'll be eligible to win.


    In addition to the credits that you can win after completing each castle, this game also has several standard payouts that you might be interested in learning more about. In total, there are nine symbols that can award payouts on any given spin.

    These symbols include princesses, princes, queens, kings, and several royal objects. At a minimum, you'll need to get two or more symbols in order to generate a payout, but you'll really want to cheer for five of the same symbol in order to maximize your winnings.

    That's because this game has a maximum payout of 20,000 credits, but you'll need to get five of the best symbol in a winning combination in order to hit win this jackpot.

    While that's certainly not easy to do, it does happen from time to time and it's by no means an impossible feat to accomplish.


    Like we said at the very beginning of our review, this game is a very complex game to understand. Therefore, in order to appreciate it to its fullest, it's important that you have enough patience to learn what this game is all about.

    As soon as you've figured it out, we're certain that you'll find yourself playing this game on a regular basis because it definitely is one of the most addicting games to be released online in recent times.

    Just like many of the progress-based games that you see at a lot of land-based gambling establishments, you can't help but get attached to this game to the point where you'll want to finish each and every castle that you start building before you're able to even think about taking a break from the action.