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    Double Attack Blackjack players will love the options available in this version of online blackjack, because they can double down on any hand after any number of cards, double their bet after seeing a weak Dealer's card, and enjoy a 3 to 1 pay by winning an insurance bet!

    In addition, there are more options in Double Attack online blackjack, where you can surrender a weak hand to recoup half the bet and surrender on any number of cards to top it off. The House must be crazy!

    The betting limits in Double Attack Online Blackjack range from 1.00 credits up to 1000 credits for the major players. This version of double attack uses 8 decks of playing cards shuffled after each hand of play.

    All of the number 10 cards have been removed from the Double Attack blackjack deck, Aces are worth either 1 or 11, and all face cards are worth 10. The Dealer must hit on a 16 or lower and stand on 17's and ties will result in a push with the player’s bets returned.

    The best way to double your initial bet is after seeing a week Dealer's face-up card and then select the Double Attack button. If you do not wish to double your bets, just select the No Double Attack button. You are only allowed one split per hand, but may also double down after a split.

    Play Double Attack Blackjack today, an easy game of online blackjack!


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