• 21 Plus 3 Blackjack

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    Twenty-one plus 3 Blackjack is a European styled online blackjack game with a side bet, and enables players to play Three Card Poker and Blackjack and win up to 100-times the bet!

    European-style 21 Plus 3 blackjack is an online game with a side bet option that pays up to 100x! The three card poker side bet pays based on the player’s first two cards combined with the dealer’s up card.

    Essentially in 21 Plus 3 Blackjack, the player’s odds of winning are tremendously increased with the Three Card Poker side bet option. The side bet cannot be affected by your subsequent Blackjack play.

    The 21 Plus 3 Online Blackjack wagering has betting limits that range from 1 credit to 1000 credits and the 21 Plus 3 version of Blackjack pays 3 o 2.

    21 Plus 3 Blackjack Dealer Play.

    The Dealer in 21 Plus 3 Blackjack must hit until 17 or higher is reached and all ties result in a push. There are 6 decks of playing cards used in 21 Plus 3 and they are shuffled after each hand of play.

    21 Plus 3 Blackjack Re-Split.

    One re-split is allowed per originally split card in a 21 Plus 3 blackjack game, and players may double down on an initial two card hands of a split or re-split hand. Split Aces can be treated like any other split card.

    Play 21 Plus 3 Blackjack today, where you can get extra play for your credits!