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    Ten Play Joker Poker is another version of 5-card draw video poker from WagerWorks. This version also has special play characteristics and payouts depending on the variation of the game being played. Players can hold any of their 5 cards and each card held is then duplicated in each of the other 9 hands. Win 4700 coins for five of a kind!

    Ten Play Joker is a five card draw video poker game by WagerWorks and is played with one to ten decks of 52 cards for each, and a chance for you to win 400 times your bet when five-of-a-kinds appear. You will be dealt five cards for each hand, then choose to hold cards to make the highest poker hand in Ten Play Joker online video poker.

    There are nine-types of winning hands In Ten Play Joker video poker and you will need at least two pair to get your initial bet back. The 3 highest paying hands in Ten Play Joker poker are the Five of a Kind (max payout of 400x the bet), the Royal Flush (win 100x the bet), and the Straight Flush (win 100x the bet).

    The lowest paying hands in Ten Play Joker video poker starts at two pair where you get your bet back if the goal is reached with each hand. The Four of a Kind will pay 16 times the bet per hand which is lower than in a normal game of poker. But, since the wild joker cards are in play, you will get better hands in these poker games.

    Betting in the Ten Play Joker online video poker game is like any single deck game, but with up to ten hands to play, that means up to ten decks of cards in play too. And for the betting amounts in Ten Play joker poker, they are done by selecting from a 1 credit per hand up to 5 credits; making bets from 10 credits to 50 credits max while playing all ten hands.

    The game is simple after you decide on the betting amounts; select to hold cards you would like to keep in Ten Play Joker video poker, select the Draw button, and then your new cards will be revealed.

    Play with not just one joker, but ten of them, while playing Ten Play Joker video poker today!