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      Video Slots
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    There's a sub-genre of video slots that are based on classic slot motifs, and the Very Fruity slot, available at SG Interactive casinos is a part of that sub-genre. Everything about this game is geared towards a presentation that's like these older types of titles, but the gameplay is like most other five-reel titles that you'll find today with free spins, a lot of paylines and plenty of ways to win. It doesn't have the best graphics out there in the sub-genre, but it's pretty decent for what it sets out to do.

    Game Format

    Despite being based on fruit machines, this game has modern format. There are five vertical reels with three horizontal rows of symbols. A total of 20 paylines are available as well, and they are always fixed so that they can't be changed. Betting goes from $0.20 to $100 per turn, which gives both penny players and high rollers (along with everyone in between) betting options that fit what they're looking for. Everything is pretty straightforward here with the game's layout, so there's not much more to say about it that you probably haven't experienced dozens of times before.

    Diamond Wild Symbol

    When the diamond symbol appears on the reels, you'll be pretty happy about it because it's the wild symbol. It shows up on every one of the reels, and it can give some significant payouts. Five of a kind is worth a 25x payout, and four of a kind gets you 4x. A three-of-a-kind win is worth 0.75x as well. On top of these pays, it also helps you to earn combinations that you would have missed out on without it. That's something that you wouldn't see in a lot of classic titles, but with the video-style crossover, it makes complete sense here.

    Sun Bonus Feature

    The sun symbol is a key bonus symbol in this game, and it's responsible for a lot of goodies. First and foremost, five or more will trigger the Sun Bonus feature no matter where or how they show up on the game board. When this happens, a value will appear over top each of the individual sun symbols, and those will combine to pay out their sum. This is a fun way to just add some extra money to your account balance, and it sort of works like an excessive scatter symbol in that you can get more than five on the reels even though there are only five reels of symbols.

    Free Spins Mode

    You'll also pick up five free spins after you trigger the Sun Bonus feature. During these free spins, a big cherry (different from the double cherry symbol) will give you an instant win that's worth the total value of the Sun Bonus. You can get a few of these over the course of the free spins feature, and that's the equivalent of having your Sun Bonus multiplied several times over.

    Top-tier Symbols

    The lucky red seven is the best-paying symbol in the game on the regular pay table. Five of a kind gets you a strong 25x prize with this symbol. You will have chances to win decent amounts with the watermelon and grapes symbol as well, and these come in the form of 10x for five of either of these. This is a balanced set of wins for the top end of the pay table.

    Lower-level Payouts

    The rest of the prizes in this game are mostly centered around two tiers that contain two fruits each. The first tier has a plum and an orange, and five of either of these is worth 5x. You can also get five of the lemon or double cherry symbol (not to be confused with the big cherry bonus symbol) to get a payout of 2.5x.

    In Summary

    SG Interactive's Very Fruity slot is a decent entry into the throwback sub-genre of video slots. It's not the best in the sub-genre by far, and it's pretty lacking on both graphics and the feature set. It's not completely generic, but it's not far from it. We can't imagine that many players will really get a lot out of playing this game because it just doesn't measure up to the standard that the modern era of the industry has set. Some players who really like throwback-style games may like it more than others, but even then, there are plenty of better options with similar types of themes.