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    The game of Monopoly has just gotten a bit more lucrative. If you enjoy playing this popular board game then you’ll definitely enjoy playing this popular slot with a chance of winning a life-changing progressive jackpot.

    In the 5 reels and 9 pay-lines of Monopoly Mega Jackpots with Pass Go Bonus; there is a jackpot, two bonuses, free games and a gamble feature.

    In Monopoly Mega Jackpots online slots, just line up 5 Mega Jackpots symbols on the center pay-line with a max bet, and you may just be able to buy that hotel on the hottest piece of property in town.

    Betting limits in Monopoly Mega Jackpots slots range from 1 to 5 credits on 9 pay-lines, and the maximum bet is 45 credits. All pay-line wins are from left to right, except for scatter and/or bonus symbols which may pay anywhere.

    The Monopoly Mega Jackpots online slots "Gamble" feature gives players an opportunity to gamble with their wins, for a doubling.

    Just by correctly predicting the color of a card and win double the wins, or an incorrect prediction will forfeit the original win and the gamble round is concluded.

    Hitting the Jackpot in Monopoly Mega Jackpots Slots.

    • To be eligible for the jackpot, a player must bet the max amount or 45 credits.
    • Players win the jackpot by getting 5 Mega Jackpots symbols on the center pay-line with max bet.
    • The Jackpot can be won during any Win Spin Bonus free spin round; if the bonus was triggered with the maximum bet.

    Chance Win Spin Bonus in Monopoly Mega Jackpots Slots.

    • Get three Chance Bonus symbols anywhere on the last three reels and earn the Chance Win Spin Bonus.
    • Player must select one of the three animating Chance card symbols to determine the number of spins they receive.
    • Mr. Monopoly appears and starts cranking a slot machine handle at the start of the bonus.
    • Free spins are awarded until player has a winning reel outcome.
    • If no winning reel outcome occurs after seven spins, then players win a Lucky 7 bonus award of 10x their triggering bonus bet.

    Pass Go Bonus in Monopoly Mega Jackpots Online Slots.

    • Getting three Bonus Dice symbols on a play-line of which player has bet will earn them the Pass "GO" Bonus.
    • Players must select one of the three animating Bonus Dice symbols to determine how many times they may roll the dice during the round.
    • Players move to the Monopoly Bonus board after number of rolls is revealed.
    • Players roll the dice, and then their game piece moves around the board.
    • Players start the round with an award of 10, and further awards are determined by the deed they land on.
    • Awards will be doubled when players pass "GO".
    • Landing on Free Parking will randomly select an award value to add to a player's total bonus win.
    • The Total Bonus Award is added up when the bonus game ends.

    Play this cash-filled game of Monopoly Mega Jackpots online slots today!