• Five Times Pay

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    Five Times Pay is one of the most popular high volatility slot games available. The Five Times Pay slots game has wilds giving 5 times and 25 times the payouts in winning combinations, and a potential jackpot of 15,000 coins in its 3 reels and 1 pay-line.

    Five Times Pay is designed with the experienced slot players in mind who relish frequent smaller pays while striving for the bigger payouts.

    The betting limits in Five Times Pay online slots range from 1 to 3 credits on 1 pay-line with the potential of winning £75,000!

    A quick reminder, all pay-line wins occur on the center pay-line in Five Times Pay slots, and a single Five Times Pay symbol with no matching symbols is not a pay.

    Substitute Symbol in Five Times Pay Slots.

    • The Five Times Pay symbol is wild with any paying symbols on the pay-line.
    • One Five Times Pay wild symbol pays 5x in winning combinations.
    • Two Five Times Pay symbols pay 25x in a winning combination.
    • With 3 Five Times Pay symbols on the pay-line, 15,000 coins are won with a 3 credits bet!

    Symbol Pays in Five Times Pay Online Slots.

    • For "Any One Cherry"; one cherry symbol on the pay-line has a payout.
    • For "Any Two Cherry" pay; two Cherry symbols must be present on any reel on the pay-line for the payout.
    • For the "Any Two Five Times Pay"; two of the Five Times Pay symbols must be present on any reel and on the pay-line for the payout.
    • The 3 "Any-Bar" is any combination of three; Single Bar, Double Bar, Triple Bar and/or 7/Bar symbols on the pay-line.
    • The 3 "Any 7" payout; is a combination of three 7/Bar and Red 7 symbols on the pay-line.

    The rest of the pays are pretty obvious; where three of the same symbol on the pay-line will give the maximum pay for those symbols, unless accompanied by one or two Five Times Pay wild symbols which make their payouts higher.

    Get 5 times to 25 times your payout while playing Five Times Pay online slots!


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