• Double Diamond

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    If you’ve been to a few land-based casinos, you’ve probably seen a Double Diamond slots machine. It has 3 reels and 1 pay-line with wild symbols giving double and quadruple payouts, and a chance to win 2,500 coins on a single spin.

    This ultra-popular, no-frills, Double Diamond slot machine is definitely an all-time classic that is still loved and played by slot enthusiasts all over the world.

    Wagering limits in Double Diamond online slots range from 1 to 3 credits on 1 pay-line. Three symbols of the same likeness or a combination of any three "bar" symbols have a payout on the pay-line.

    All paying symbols must be on the pay-line, for a win, according to the pay table.

    The Double Diamond slots game symbols to line-up for a payout, are; the double diamonds, single bars, double bars, triple bars and everybody’s favorite, the lucky 7’s.

    The Wild symbol in Double Diamond Online Slots.

    • The Double Diamond symbol is the wild.
    • It matches any other symbol on the pay-line and doubles any awarding payout.
    • Two Double Diamond symbols on the pay-line awards four times the standard payout.
    • And Three Double Diamond symbols on the pay-line rewards the player with the top award of 2500 credits with maximum bet.

    Other Pays in Double Diamond Slots.

    • With One or two Double Diamond symbols with no matching symbols there's no payout.
    • For the "Any One Cherry" pay; one cherry symbol may be present on any reel on the line to qualify for the pay.
    • For the "Any Two Cherry" pay; two cherry symbols present on any reel on the pay-line will have a payout.
    • The "Three Any-Bar" payout; is any combination of three single bar, double bar or triple bar symbols on the pay-line.

    Catching diamonds are a lot of fun while playing Double Diamond online slots!