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    Are you ready to go on an adventure to the lands of mysterious Asia? To explore an ancient castle and all of the secrets it hides? If so, look no further!

    Pop Rocks by AvatarUX is the perfect opportunity to do so, without having to worry about what could go wrong.

    At first glance, it doesn’t seem like this product has much to offer, but it actually does. The grid starts out as 5x3, but expands for each win, up to 7x7.

    Even though the symbols and the soundtrack are done really well, Pop Rocks come with some special features as well, such as: Pop Wins, Wild Symbol, Multipliers and Unlock Wild.


    As soon as you start up this product, you are welcomed by an exciting soundtrack that matches the theme really well.

    Across the 5x3 grid, you will stumble upon plenty of precious mysterious gems, that stand for higher paying symbols, while the lower paying ones are represented by the more common ones, playing card symbols.

    The symbols are done well and paired with the musical piece played throughout, your sessions will definitely be an enjoyable experience.

    Betting Options and Other Functions

    As for the betting options, Pop Rocks has quite some choices for you. The minimum bet you can set is only 10 cents, while the maximum goes up to 70€. 

    What this basically means is, you are very likely to find the perfect option for you, whether you’re a player that prefers safer, lower bets, or a well experienced high roller who likes to keep the bets high.

    When it comes to potential payouts, this game doesn’t disappoint. With an RTP of 96.8%, which is above average, on top of bonus features and up to 33,614 winning pay lines, you are bound to enjoy this game even if you are looking for that big catch. 

    Special Features

    • Wild Symbol – Wild symbol in Pop Rocks acts as a substitute for any other symbol, helping you get more winning spins.
    • Pop Wins – Pop Wins is a feature that helps you extend the grid all the way to 7x7, and provides you with a chance to get more wins. All winning pay line symbols will get popped, and instead, they will be replaced with 2 brand new symbols.
    • Multipliers – On the left side of the grid, you will notice a multiplier bar. The way to fill this bar up is by getting winning pay lines. It starts out at x1, and for every 7 symbols you pop, it will increase by 1.
    • Unlock Wild – Once you manage to extend the size all the way up to the maximum, 7x7, you trigger a special game mode. When you do that, a Wild Symbol is added to the reels. Besides that, popping 7 symbols will increase the multiplier by 2, rather than by 1 and instead of getting replaced with 2 symbols, the popped symbols will be replaced by 1.


    Yet again, AvatarUX has managed to do a great job…

    …with plenty of bonus features, great RTP and large number of betting options and winning pay lines, Pop Rocks definitely has something to offer besides nice graphics and sound effects.

    If you are looking for an Asian themed, exciting game, you should definitely give this one a go!

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