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    Krazy Keno Superball, an online game by WagerWorks, allows you to choose 2 to 10 numbers out of 80 on its two number boards, and on max bet you can win up to 80,000 credits with a bonus ball!

    Krazy Keno Superball has four betting levels, one for each credit that can be applied in the game.

    Start your Krazy Keno Superball online game by selecting to play 1 to 4 credits per game, and then choose from two to 10 numbers on the number boards.

    The numbers in the hopper come out in a random order; the more numbers you match, the higher your payout will be.

    Once your numbers have been chosen you can select to bet up to 4 credits in Krazy Keno Superball online.

    After you select the Play button, 20 keno balls will drop from the hopper and land on one or both of the forty-number number boards.

    Krazy Keno Superball online game also has a Bonus Ball feature; when you wager 4 credits during this feature, you have the possibility to double your award.

    If the Bonus Ball, marked with a red star and shown at the top of the hopper in a row, drops down into the hopper on the next game it may be part of the next 20 balls that drop.

    If the bonus ball is part of your winning numbers, your cash prize is Doubled!

    Play Krazy Keno Superball online today and find out how many numbers you can guess, and how many super-balls will fall down the shute for you!