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At this time Jackpotjoy can accept non-USA players only.

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Blotto Lotto.

Like bingo and the lottery?

Check out Blotto Lotto very unique game from JackpotJoy.

You can bet from 20 cents up to $50.00.

You can play slots while waiting, lower left corner of screen.

Blotto Lotto is the Instant Win numbers game where 6 balls are drawn every 60 seconds. Be sure to play blotto lotto a few times in the practice mode, to get an idea of how to play.

Blotto Lotto has detailed instructions on the help screen.

There are a number of bets you can place:

  • Pick Numbers - you can choose to pick 1, 2, 3 or 4 balls you think will appear.
  • Pick Colors -you can choose whether or not a particular colored ball will appear and how often. You can bet on whether a red, yellow or blue will appear between 1 and 6 times or not at all.
  • Predict Total -you can choose which range the total of all the balls added together will fall into. You can choose.
50 or Below

51 - 100

101 - 140

141 - 160

161 - 200

201 - 250

251 or above

  • Special Bets- JackpotJoy has thought of some more fun bets for you to play:

Smarties - There will be at least one of each colored ball. One red, one yellow and one blue.

Even Stevens - Each and every ball drawn will be an even number.

Noah's Ark - There will be two of each colored ball

Odd Ones - Each and every ball drawn will be an odd number.

Going Up! - Each ball drawn will be progressively higher than the previous.

Last but not least - You choose the ball you think will be drawn last.

Going Down! - Each ball drawn will be lower than the previous one.

  • No Shows -You can choose between 1 and 12 numbers that you think WILL NOT appear. You win if none of the selected balls are chosen.
  • Quick and Easy Bets

Odd Total - The total of all balls drawn will add up to an odd number.

Even Total - The total of all balls drawn will add up to an even number.

High End - The very last ball drawn will be higher than the first.

Low End - The very last ball drawn will be lower than the first.

Feeling Blue? - At least one ball will be blue.

Total High - The total of the numbers is 149 or above.

Total Mid - The total is between 146 and 148 inclusive.

Total Low - The total is 145 or below.

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