• Golden Offer

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      Red Tiger Gaming
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      Video Slots
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    One of the things that players love is when they get more influence over what's happening in a slot. In the Golden Offer game, available at Red Tiger Gaming casinos, that's exactly what you get, and the entire point of the gameplay is that you're given a yes or no offer that allows you some degree of choice over which bonus features you're awarded. Along with a golden dragon-focused Asian theme, this gives players a fun, cohesive experience that offers a bit more "control over your own destiny" than the experiences you may have with plenty of other titles.

    Layout and Format

    You'll notice right away that the middle three reels of this game are taller than the first and last. This game has five reels, which is typical enough, but only the first and fifth reels are three symbols high. The second, third and fourth reels are a bit higher with five symbols each, and this creates an octagon shape around the outer edge of the game that's covered in a golden border.

    Across this grid is a total of 40 paylines, and betting is set up so that you will always have all of them activated with no option to change that. However, this company has made sure to give players bet sizes that are low enough to be comfortable, so you can wager as low as $0.20 per turn despite this slot having 40 lines. The maximum bet will depend on the casino, but you can usually wager at least $100 per turn in this game.

    The Golden Offer

    There are four random features called the Lion's Features in this game, and choosing between them is the main game mechanic, but it's not as simple as just picking out which one you want. You'll be present with a feature as an offer, and you get to choose yes or no to that feature. If you say yes, you play a free spins feature with that extra added in. However, if you say no, then you'll get one of the other features instead. This gives you a degree of control without allowing you to just pick out the same one each time, which works pretty well.

    Free Spin Features

    The four features are as follows. There is a special reels feature that takes away the bottom-tier symbols to make it easier to hit larger payouts. You can also get a wild reels feature with reels made completely of wild symbols. The Lion's Nudge will nudge the reels to give you better payouts, and the Swap Tiles feature will move some tiles around on the reels to give you bigger wins as well.

    Wild Golden Globe Symbol

    The golden globe symbol inside of a golden rectangle is that wild, and it'll pay out a very strong 888x top win for five of a kind. Four of this symbol will get you 388x as well, and you can earn 88x for just three of a kind. If these symbols would be part of a larger win, then the biggest possible win on each payline is given.

    Other Payouts and Symbols

    The golden lion symbol is also important with a 500x payout for five on a payline. You can get 300x for five of the golden yin-yang or 200x for five of the pearl symbol. The yellow A symbol gets you 100x for five, and five of the green K symbol is worth a 72x prize. With the purple Q and violet J, you can get 60x or 48x for five of a kind, respectively. The lowest symbol in this game is the red 10, which awards players 36x for five. Some of these bottom-end wins are pretty low, and we do wish they would have balanced things out a bit more in that regard.

    In Summary

    Red Tiger Gaming's Golden Offer slot has a nice bit of immersive gameplay when it comes to the offer functionality itself. However, don't let this distract you from the fact that this game actually has four different free spin modes, which is pretty tremendous. While the bottom end of the pay table could use some balancing, that's evened out a bit by the high hit-rate and the strong value you get in the top and middle of the pay schedule. Overall, we think this is a pretty decent game within the Asian-themed sub-genre, and it's obvious that it's the gameplay and features that get it there.