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    Side City Studios is a Montreal-based subsidiary of SG Digital that focuses on game development for land-based and online casinos. The company was founded in 1999, and the 20 years of experience they bring to the table shines through in every aspect of their content creation strategy.

    They are headquartered in Canada, but they also have operational hubs in Kiev, Gibraltar, Malta, Rome, New Jersey, Sydney, Dublin and Stockholm for a truly global reach.

    Ways to Play

    Despite their expertise in developing PC and console games, Side City primarily focuses on providing instant play and mobile games for online casinos. This is because they understand that most players prefer to have the flexibility and mobility that comes with games that run smoothly in a web browser.

    Their gorgeous 3D slot games are created with HTML5 to optimize load times and playability across devices. This allows players to have a faster, better gaming experience that can be easily transitioned from desktop or laptop to a tablet or smartphone.

    A Visionary Approach

    Side City Studios is unique in that they are truly multidisciplinary experts. While many companies choose to focus their efforts on only one aspect of the online gaming industry, Side City has an established reputation for multiple areas of production.

    They have a hand in a variety of related markets, including HD interactive video and television, digital cinema, console games, iPhone game applications, digital signage, 3D animation and visual scenography. This puts them in a unique position to provide a particular level of development expertise when it comes to crafting memorable online casino content.

    Side City also makes full use of in-house management tools that allow them to maintain a competitive edge. Their extensive library of tools and software allows them to constantly update and streamline certain repetitive processes so that their team of expert artists, designers and developers can focus their energies on crafting the best products possible for clients.

    While many might think that having their fingers in so many proverbial pies would detract from their overall production quality, this is not the case. Side City has been going strong for two decades, which points to a winning business strategy.

    All-around Appeal

    It's common for developers to only have one strong point: either they're great at creating visual appeal, or they excel in interesting gameplay. Side City is one of the few that can do both.

    Because they have so much in-depth experience with creating video games, digital cinema and interactive content, they have a complete mastery of how to create online slots with amazing levels of aesthetics. They are also able to tap into their knowledge base to craft games with exciting features and enticing jackpots.


    Side City Studios has a well-earned reputation for over two decades of delivering popular turnkey solutions and outstanding digital content for the online gaming industry.

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