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    One of the really interesting things about the online slots industry is that most games fall into one of two genres: three-reel classics or five-reel video titles. Spinmatic's Wild Cat game falls between these two genres in terms of layout, and that leads to an interesting gameplay dynamic.

    The visual appeal of this game is pretty clear from the first time that you lay eyes on it. It's optimized for mobile by offering things like letting you tap on a symbol on the reels to temporarily view its available functions and payouts, but these options are also available if you're playing from a computer as well.

    Format and Layout

    The format is obviously a focal point for most players for the reasons that we have outlined above. There are four reels with three rows, but the all ways approach is in effect, which means that you get 81 ways to win from left to right on all spins. It's worth noting that this game having all ways activated also means that it has gameplay that's decidedly more on the video side of the equation than the classic side.

    Betting is set up so that you can pick from total bet sizes ranging from $0.15 to $60 per spin. Wins are based on multiples of your entire wager, and that simplifies the values of the payouts quite a bit. In short, they've made this very mobile-friendly in terms of not having a ton of controls to adjust that can be difficult to tap on with a smaller screen.

    Wild Symbols

    There's a symbol with a black cat paw reaching up to grab a fish, and that's the wild symbol in this game. It substitutes for everything in this game except for the mystery box symbol, which is something that we'll look at down below. Aside from that, having a wild on an all ways style game adds a lot more value than you'd typically think because it makes it much easier to get wins at all levels whenever one or more appear on the reels at once.

    It's also worth noting that these wilds do not get their own payouts for combinations of wild symbols, so they will default to the highest-paying available symbols on each way to win.

    Mystery Symbol Wins

    The main feature in this game is the mystery symbol payout set. Three of the mystery symbols, which are boxes that say "mystery" on the side of them in purple letters, will give you a random win worth between 10x and 500x. However, if you're able to get four of them in a row, then you'll be given a different random win with the stakes increased to between 50x and 5,000x.

    This is one of the main throwbacks to classic slots in this game because random wins like this across a range for payouts is something that you find quite often in three-reel titles. The way it's handled here with the all ways format gives it a modern edge, however.

    Important Wins and Prizes

    The golden cat on a light blue background earns players a 5,000x top jackpot for four of a kind. You can get a mid-level win of 800x for four of the white cat on the dark green background, or you can make it 400x for four of the skinny cat on the light green backdrop. The orange cat on purple pays players 160x, which is the same as the black and white cat on an orange background for four of a kind.

    Both of the bottom wins in this game come at the 80x level. This is yours for four of a kind combinations of the cat with big ears on a yellow background or the cat on a violet background looking off to the right.

    Our Thoughts

    There's a bit more that goes into the Wild Cat online slot by Spinmatic than initially meets the eye. There's the interplay between the video and classic genres of slots, but there's also the motif of having a game with modern gameplay elements in a different style of layout than what players are used to. This gets you far enough outside of the box to be pretty interesting, and that's the kind of thing that this developer is very good at achieving.

    If you're the type of player who likes a high hit-rate and doesn't care too much about a bunch of flashy features, then you'll probably find that this title fits what you're looking for.

    By Jesse Eddleman