Microgaming Casino Blackjack

Touting the largest blackjack selection on the web, Microgaming has over 40 different ways to beat the dealer with a two-card total of 21. You may not think it’s possible, but if you check out the sampling of games on the list below, you’ll believe it. And each game is more fun than the last.

When it comes to online gaming, Microgaming is a household name—at least for those households who live outside the United States as of 2008. Yet just because Microgaming pulled out of The Land of the Free, doesn’t mean it’s not still immensely popular with the rest of the planet.

Since Microgaming's software platform (complete with over 400 total games) is multi-player, multi-lingual, and multi-progressive jackpot, one could argue that the iconic software platform is doing better than ever. Case in point: their unbelievable selection of blackjack games.

While the rules will differ slightly per game (and some specifics may differ per casino), you can generally expect the following:

Some Microgaming casinos offer additional tools for the avid blackjack player, such as the ability to view auditor reports (to confirm that the casino gaming process is a fair one). Microgaming also offers an “Expert Mode”, which allows you to auto-play based on a customizable strategy card. Casinos offering the “Gold” version of these blackjack games feature more realistic animations and faster play.

Table limits for Microgaming blackjack will vary with each casino, with most tables starting at one or two credits and maxing out at 200, 500, 1000 or even 2000 credits.

We’ve reviewed each of Microgaming’s blackjack games below to give you the best insight on how to play them. We hope they’ll make you a more knowledgeable, and therefore more confident, blackjack player. Have fun!