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    Pixie Gold is a game by Lightning Box Games that has a much larger layout than what you typically see. It also has a fun nature fantasy theme with pixies, snails, houses made out of giant mushrooms and more. The visual appeal of this game is particularly strong, as is typical of this software house, but the gameplay is setup in a way that gives players an overwhelming amount of action and opportunities to win on several lines on the same spin. While the gameplay is a little different than what you might be used to, it's definitely geared towards players who prefer a high hit-rate.

    Format and Layout

    The layout that this game offers is really the key to all of the gameplay. You'll notice that there are several vertical columns of symbols, and it looks like it may be an eight-reel game. However, the middle 4x4 group of symbols all function as a single reel with the "all-ways" format, so it's essentially a five-reel game. There are three symbols on all reels except the middle one, which has 16. This boosts your chances for multi-line wins and strongly influences the overall style of play, which is the main thing this game is based around.

    Pixie Spins

    The key bonus feature in this game is called a Pixie Spin, and you'll get one whenever the star with a K on it lands right above the cart that runs under the reels. During this spin, you'll get a wild symbol added to the second reel. Moreover, a lucky random symbol is selected that's added to the 4x4 "Reelfecta" reel in the middle. Different symbol sets for the reels are also used in a Pixie Spin, which leads to better payouts and better chances to win.

    The king star symbol that triggers the pixie spin is a bonus symbol, but it won't block your payouts. This is because it counts as the K symbol as well. This is a smart decision since bonus symbols can take up a lot of value by blocking a space in all-ways formats, and it would be even more costly in a game with so many ways to win.

    Wild Pixie Symbols

    The pixie is the wild symbol in this slot. She appears on the middle Reelfecta reel during normal play. She'll substitute for anything but the king star bonus symbol. During the Pixie Spins feature, you'll get her on the second reel as well, and because of the 16-symbol middle reel, that boosts your value significantly with the all-ways format. It's important to realize just how much value you're getting with this symbol here, which is easy to miss due to how it only appears on one reel during the normal game and two reels during the bonus feature.

    Top Payouts and Symbols

    The pixie king is the top symbol. Five of a kind will give you a payout of 250x of this guy. You can also win a 100x payout for five of the mushroom house. The snail and the ladybug symbols will each get you wins worth 75x, which are not bad considering the number of ways to win.

    There are also 65x wins available if you get five of the acorn or the pixie satchel. The blue K, purple Q, green J and yellow 9 all pay 50x for five of a kind, and those are good wins for card rank symbols in an all-ways slot.

    Notes on the Payout Structure

    These wins are multiplied by your total bet, first and foremost. Also, the pay table is set up to be fairly flat because it's designed to give a low volatility and a pretty high hit-rate. Your biggest wins will come from hitting several pays on the same spin, which isn't as hard as it sounds with so many different ways to win on every single spin.

    In Summary

    Pixie Gold is an interesting game because of its interesting structure provided by Lightning Box Games. Players don't have to worry about hit-rate issues because the 16-symbol middle reel makes it much, much easier to hit small and medium wins. Moreover, you'll hit several payouts at the same time much more often as well. Add that to the Pixie Spin feature and the wild that shows up on the 4x4 Reelfecta reel, and you'll really be in the business of a low-volatility experience with lots of payouts that come at a quick pace.

    By Jesse Eddleman