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    The Beat the Bobbies online slot is based on a theme of cops and robbers inside of a British theme. This game can be found at Eyecon casinos, and it has graphics that are competitive with anything that you can find out there in the industry in terms of how they look and how they're presented. As you might expect from a game based on any type of heist motif, this slot has a fast pace and a high hit-rate, so you'd better be ready for a lot of action before you sit down to play.

    Format and Layout

    The basic format of this game is one that a lot of players will be familiar with. A lot of fast-paced game use the same layout. The basic grid of five reels and three horizontal rows of symbols is used here. However, the traditional payline system is thrown out the window. Instead, all regular symbols act as left-to-right scatters instead. You get paid when matching symbols line up on the reels, starting from the left, no matter their position on those particular reels. It makes it much easier to hit winning combinations and multi-line payouts on the same spin.

    You can pick bet sizes that run from 0.25 to 50 in your currency for this slot. Because all of the game's payouts are based around a multiplier applied to your total bet size, your wins automatically scale on the pay table based on how much you wager. Bigger bets mean bigger wins in this sense.

    Bobbies Wild Symbols

    As the name implies, the bobbies are important symbols in this game. They are the cops in the scenario, and they appear on the second, third and fourth reels. They substitute for every symbol in the game except for one: the scattered bonus symbol. The more you get these symbols on the reels, the more extra wins you'll get because of how the 243-ways format works to really combine payouts for multi-line wins, particularly when you line up multiple instances of the same winning symbols on individual reels.

    Scattered Penny Symbols

    There's a redheaded thief named Penny who is the scatter symbol in this game. Five of a kind is worth 50x, and you can also earn 10x for four. Three of a kind gets you a 5x win, and all three of these payouts are based on multiples of your total bet size, just like all of the wins in the game in general. Additionally, these are the only symbols that don't have to land from left-to-right consecutive reels to pay. They pay no matter where they appear on the game board.

    Free Spins With Multipliers

    Three or more of the scattered Penny symbol gives you a set of free spins with multipliers. You get to choose the conditions of the round based on five different options. You can have 20 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, 10 free turns with a multiplier of 4x, a 5x multiplier with eight free spins or five free spins with a 10x multiplier. The last option is the best overall value, but it also has the highest volatility by far. Likewise, the 10 free spins option is probably the most balanced option and has the second-highest overall value of all five of the choices with a reasonable volatility.

    Big Wins and Payouts

    The purple diamond wins 40x for five of a kind. You'll pick up 32x for five of the crown or 20x for five of the tiara. When you line up five of the ruby ring symbol, you'll pick up a 20x win as well. The woman with her hair up in a tie will pay 8x, and the bulldog does as well. Five of the butler or police officer will pay out a win worth 6x, and it's 4x for five of a kind of the royal guard or old lady in a purple hair cover.

    All payouts in this game are multiples of the total bet.

    In Summary

    The Beat the Bobbies video slot by Eyecon has a lot that players can enjoy. The quick style of gameplay with an above-average hit-rate pairs up with the balanced pay table that's heavy on medium and small wins to give an overall volatility that's pretty low. However, you can crank it up for chances to win much larger payouts in the free spins feature if you like, and that comes along with having five different choices for the free spins mode. Overall, it's a great-looking game with solid gameplay.

    By Jesse Eddleman