GAMING1 is a company that has been running since 2014. That gives them a fraction of the time that many of their competitors in the online slots space, but they have started off by focusing on quality over quantity, which gives them a big advantage. They also use technology that ensures they'll be popular and relevant decades from now, which is important to the longevity of their portfolio of slot games.

HTML5 and Mobile Slots

All of their games are built around HTML5, and this puts them in a position to have a very flexible platform. This platform can be accessed on any desktop computer with a web browser, but it also allows their games to be played on a variety of mobile devices. If you have a smartphone or tablet with a touchscreen that can access the Internet, then chances are that it can be used to play titles from GAMING1. Their focus on HTML5 also means that they will continue to be relevant in the future since this is considered the platform that the entire industry will run on for decades to come.

Game Style and Features

One of the things about the slots by this company is that their features and general style of play is a bit different. For example, all of their games have a betting structure based on how much you're wagering per spin. This simplifies things and leaves fewer controls for players to manipulate to pick their bet size. Moreover, all of the payouts are based on multiples of the total bet size, so you don't have to bother with the confusion that can come from trying to calculate line bet wins.


GAMING1 makes games that cover a wide range of levels of quality. Even they will admit that their first games weren't the best, but they quickly learned from their mistakes. All of their new releases are definitely of an upper tier in the quality and gameplay department, and they're visually appealing as well. They even have games that are based on popular television shows like Deal or No Deal, so it's clear that they are getting a lot of attention in the industry. Overall, this is a company that looks very promising with games that look just as good.