• Olympus Evolution

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    GAMING1 uses different themes from a variety of different sources to come up with the themes and concepts for their titles. Olympus Evolution, as the name suggests, is based on the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. A number of these deities can be found on the reels, and everything about the graphics of this game are based on the same central theme. You'll find that the gameplay is fairly low-volatility, which keeps the swings under control, and this helps to create a relaxing environment for players.

    Format and Layout

    The basic format for this video slot is the same as many other titles by this provider. They really seem to have a fondness for five-reel, three-row and 10-payline slots, and they build a number of their games around this layout for their games. Betting is based on total wager sizes that start at a minimum of $0.20 per spin, but you can wager up to $25 per turn as well. Super high rollers may prefer somewhat higher available bet sizes, but the absolute vast majority of players will find that these available betting levels suit them fine.

    We should point out that GAMING1 uses an atypical convention for describing their payouts. Instead of using payline amounts, they use multiples of your entire bet size. This is usually only used with scatter pays, but in this game, it's used for all of the wins available.

    Free Spins Bonus Feature

    The bonus symbol in this game is actually the wild symbol, and while that's fairly atypical, it's not unheard of. Three wilds anywhere on the reels will get you a set of free spins. No matter how many bonus symbols you get, you will always be given 10 free turns. There aren't really any special features added in to these free turns, but that's a part of keeping the swings low.

    Wild Symbols and Payouts

    An important aspect of this game is that the wild symbols double as the bonus symbol and as one of the symbols that gives one of the higher payouts. Five of this wild symbol triggers a win worth 200 times your entire bet, which is the same as a 2,000x line bet wager considering there are 10 paylines. There are wins for three of a kind or more of this symbol, which becomes important to note with regards to the wins for all of the other higher-paying symbols.

    Largest Regular Payouts

    You can win 300x for five of the Zeus symbol, and a win worth 150x is also available for five of Athena. However, you can pick up 60x for five of Hades or Aphrodite. All four of these symbols will pay out for just two of a kind or more. That drastically increases the hit-rate in this game, and it gives players a lot to look forward to in terms of smaller wins that help to keep the volatility from getting out of hand. While these two of a kind wins aren't large by any means, they definitely add up over the course of a session.

    Card Rank Symbols

    As is the case with many slots, the top few card rankings are used as symbols for the lower-ranked symbols in this game. You'll have five of them to pick from, and they are all stylized to fit a Greek mythology theme. The glowing A symbol pays out 15x, and so does the yellow K. You can score 10x for five of the green Q. The blue J and the purple 10 also pay out 10x, which is the equivalent of a 100x win in a game that uses the line bet system to describe payouts. This is a pretty important piece of information because it shows that you'll get some pretty solid payouts even for five of the lowest-paying symbols in this slot.

    In Summary

    The graphics of this game are pretty solid, and a bit of care was taken in the creation of the Zeus, Athena, Hades and Aphrodite symbols in particular. We really like how those symbols look, and while the low-end symbols are somewhat generic as card symbols, they are at least stylized to fit in with the overall theme. Overall, we think that this game is lacking a little on the gameplay side, and the graphics are above-average at best. It's very much a "cookie cutter" style of game, which is typical of GAMING1, so you won't be missing anything major if you decide not to try this particular game.