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    GAMING1's Hey Sweetie video slot is a good example of using a theme that we haven't seen done over and over again. It features a number of pet dogs, all of which are pretty small in size whether full-grown or still a puppy. It swings a little on the pink side of things with a lot of feminine visuals, but the action is very serious with its ultra high hit-rate and low-volatility style of play. The graphics are pretty good and fit in well with the theme of the game, and there are a ton of different ways to win.

    Format and Layout

    If you're the type of player who likes atypical game formats, you'll have interest in this slot. It uses five reels and three rows, which is normal enough, but there are a total of 99 different paylines. We can't remember ever seeing a slot with 99 paylines before, so that's a first.

    Normally games with an atypical number of paylines will have awkward bet sizes, but that's not the case here. Players choose wager sizes based on the total amount they want to bet per spin instead of something based on the actual paylines, and the available range goes from $0.50 to $25 per turn. Likewise, all of the payouts are described as a multiple of this total bet instead of being based on line bet wagers.

    Cascading Wins Feature

    There is a cascade feature that drives the action in this video slot. The way it works is that all winning combinations are paid, and then the winning symbols disappear from the reels. This allows new symbols to fall down into place. This process continues if you win again, and you can actually win over and over an unlimited number of times with no limit in the Hey Sweetie slot. The cascade feature drives a lot of the regular mode game play, and it contributes heavily to the high level of action that this game has despite its cuddly exterior.

    Free Spins Bonus Feature

    The bone with the big bow around it is the bonus symbol in this game, and that's appropriate considering how much these dogs would love to have it as a gift. Three or more on the reels gives you a pick a box feature where you can win up to 40 free spins. During these free spins, you'll be given extra wilds on the first and last reels, which is important because they normally only appear on the middle three reels. Three or more bonus bones in this free spin feature will add on some extra free spins, which is a nice addition from GAMING1.

    Key Payouts

    If these payouts seem small to you, remember two things. First, they are based on your total bet size, not your line bet wager, so you'd need to multiply them by 99 (or add two zeroes to the end for a close estimate) to see what the same level of line bet win would be. Second, you can hit them over and over again thanks to the cascade feature, and it'll all happen on the same turn.

    Five of the Hey Sweetie symbol earns 60x, and five of the dog with the blue background earns 28x. You can score 12x for five of the puppy with the heart on the green background, and it kicks down to 4x for five of the dog on the locket. Five of the purple cushion gets players 1.2x, and you can even win 1x for five of the doggie transporter. Five of the brushes earns a 0.80x win.


    There's no denying that GAMING1 has used an atypical theme in their Hey Sweetie video slot, and every bit of the graphics and symbol usage fits together really well for this theme. Aside from that, the gameplay is also very exciting thanks to a combination of a value-packed free spins bonus feature and the cascading symbols feature that drives the regular game mode.

    Some players will be turned off of this game because of its cutesy nature, and that's fine since not everyone prefers every type of theme. However, if you can look past that, the gameplay itself is outstanding, and we think that most video slots fans will agree if they try this game out. Overall, it's a solid title with a different type of theme than what most players will have seen before.