• Boom Bang

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    Boom Bang is a video slot by GAMING1. The theme of this game is a sort of western shooting practice, and you'll have all sorts of things to shoot at in the wild west. This includes wanted posters, tin cans, bottles and more. The graphics are pretty good in this slot, and they give the game a solid feel without a sense that they were overdone to try to impress someone. The gameplay is outstanding and fast-paced, as a game centered around the conceptof shooting should be, and all of the elements of the game as a whole are pulled together in a very intelligent way.

    Layout and Betting

    Betting in this slot runs from $0.25 to $5 per spin. You can only choose between a handful of different total bet sizes, and there are no complications from having to adjust the number of paylines, coins or coin sizes that you use. This has been simplified across this five-reel, three-row and 20-payline title to make things go really smoothly so that there are no problems or issues that can pop up and surprise you. The winnings themselves on the pay table are represented as a multiple of your bet as well, and this adds even more clarity.

    Wild Symbols and Re-spins

    The bundle of dynamite is the wild symbol in this game. You will only see it appear on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels, so it doesn't get its own winning combinations. However, it's always staced six high no matter where it lands on the reels, which is important for the re-spin feature.

    The re-spins happen every time you get a winning combination. The way this works is that all of the winning combinations are paid, and then you'll see that they are shot off of the screen. New symbols fall down into place, and if you get new wining combinations, then the process continues. The wild symbol always appears stacked six high, so if they are shot off of the screen, then more wilds can drop down into the spaces left behind. This is a cool way of tying the wilds into the main feature that drives the gameplay.

    Free Spins Bonus Feature

    The re-spin feature gives you a chance to win free spins as well. If you hit four or more consecutive re-spins in this online slot, then you'll get a set of free turns. A streak of four earns seven free spins, five gets you 10 free spins, six awards you 15 free spins, seven picks up 25 free spins, and a re-spin streak of eight or more gives you a whopping 50 free turns. This obviously shows that a ton of value can be had if you're lucky with the re-spin feature in this game.

    Critical Payouts

    The cactus symbol pays 30x for five of a kind. The next largest main payout is 16x for five of the bull skull, but remember that this needs to be multiplied by a factor of 20 to give you 320x, which is what the normal line bet payout would be for this win. You can also score 10x for a bottle of whisky or 8x for five of the tin can. Five of the yellow A pays out a good 5x win, and it's 4x for five of the red K or green Q symbols. The blue J and purple 10 will pay out 3x for five of a kind too, and these are all pretty balanced payouts. Since you're getting so many re-spins, your value is actualy much better than what it seems like from these numbers.


    We really like how the gameplay has been set up in GAMING1's Boom Bang slot. We always give great marks whenever the theme, graphics, features and gameplay come together to form one cohesive theme, and that's exactly what you get in this slot. GAMING1 has done an excellent job with their entry iinto the western-themed arena, and with so many other games from other software developers that use this theme, they had a tall order ahead of them in terms of standing out. They've managed to pull it off in a big way, and we have plenty of reasons to believe players will be thrilled with the result.