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    There have been so many Asian-themed slots in the industry that we couldn't even try to start to count them all. For a company to produce a game with this type of motif and see any level of success, they have to stand out in a big way. GAMING1 has managed to do this on some level with Dragon Fury, a title with a bit of a martial arts motif to it. The graphics are above-average, and the pay structure is pretty reasonable as well with a moderate level of volatility. You won't have many huge, overwhelming swings in this game, but you'll also have plenty of ways to win big.

    Game Format

    Dragon Fury is a 20-payline video slot at the most basic level. This includes five reels and three rows of symbols. The betting for this game, like virtually all GAMING1 slots is based on your total wager size instead of the traditional setup with different coin sizes and different numbers of coins on each payline. You can pick bet sizes per spin that range from $0.50 to $5 per spin, which will cover a pretty wide range of players, but some won't be happy with the relatively low maximum bet of $5.

    Wild Red Dragons

    The dragon from the title Dragon Fury is the wild symbol. Three or more of this wild on the reels actually activates the tower bonus feature as well, which we will look more into down below. The wilds show up on all reels, and you can pick up a 200x win (the same as a 2,000x line bet payout) for five of a kind. That's a pretty good win, and it's the largest regular payout in the game as well, which is normal for wild symbols. It's easy to see how this is the most critical symbol to see on the reels in this video slot.

    Cascading Feature and Jackpots

    Whenever you hit winning combinations, you are paid out normally. Afterwards, the winning symbols disappear, and new symbols fall into place for what amounts to a sort of free re-spin. This process can continue over and over again, and this is actually the key to the four jackpots that you see at the top of the reels. If you get enough re-spins in a row like this, then you will be taken to a mini game where you will choose from different "boxes." Picking correctly will award one of the jackpots, but you will win a money prize even if you pick the wrong one.

    Tower Bonus Feature

    Whenever you get three or more of the wilds anywhere on the screen, you'll be taken to the Tower Bonus Feature. In this feature, players can win up to 1,000 times their total bet by opening doors and breaking blocks. You can pick up gold coins and other winnings, and the dragon burning the whole thing down is what ends the feature. This is a cool way of tying the martial arts and dragon aspects of the game together.

    Notable Payouts

    Five of a kind of the green dragon pays 125x, and five of the panda with a backpack on will get you 64x. You can earn 25x for five of the blue vase or the mask. Along similar lines, the A and K symbols both pay 4x. You can earn 8x with five of the Q, J or 10 symbols, which is a little atypical as far as card ranking symbols go. You always need at least three of a kind to win in this game, and while that's typical for the industry, it's a little atypical for GAMING1, who is typically fond of having some symbols that only need two of a kind to win.


    Dragon Fury is one of the best titles that GAMING1 has released before. It pulls together several elements of a theme together into one cohesive unit, and it gives players several serious prizes to win. The Tower Bonus Feature is a lot of fun, and it just goes to show that free spins aren't the only type of feature that a slot can have. We recommend players try this game out if they're a fan of martial arts games or games based on Asian themes, but be warned that it has a moderate to above-average level of volatility in terms of the swings that you will have during your sessions.