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    The Amazon and jungle theme has been used quite often in the online slot world, and it can really be traced back to the original Tomb Raider video game that made it popular to have hardened, female protagonists in the lead role. That's exactly the pattern that Amazon Fierce, a video slot by GAMING1, follows. There is a female protagonist that is the main symbol in the game, and you're helping her explore a very dangerous part of the world. In exchange, she'll give you chances to win your own treasure in the form of some pretty significant payouts.

    Game Layout

    The basic format for this online slot is pretty standard. It's a 10-payline video slot with five reels and three rows of symbols, and you'll have bet sizes to choose from starting at $0.20 per spin. The maximum wager is $5 per turn, but you don't have to worry about setting different numbers of coins or coin values to get those totals. Instead, you only have to choose from a number of pre-set values that are the total wager amount per turn. This makes the betting part of the game much quicker and less confusing.

    Before we get into talking about the payouts, we need to make one thing clear: GAMING1 slots use amounts for their prizes based on the total size of your wager. This is much different than the industry standard, which is to base wins off of the size of your line bet. We very much prefer the way that this company does it, but it's worth knowing the difference since you'll actually need to multiply these wins by a factor of 10 to see what they would be listed as under the regular line bet wager convention.

    Wild Bonus Symbols and Free Spins

    There is a big, golden wild symbol in this game that shows up on all five of the reels. This wild substitutes for every other symbol in Amazon Fierce, but it also acts as the game's bonus symbol. This means three or more located anywhere on the reels will get you a set of free spins. It's clear that this wild has enough functions to make it the most important symbol in the game, but as you'll notice below, it's not the highest paying.

    The free spins are always given to you in a set of 10, and this is regardless of how many wild symbols you use to activate the feature. This is something that we aren't exactly excited about since we believe that free spin bonus features should have a little more effort put into them than that, but it's the state of affairs for this slot.

    The wild payouts include 200x for five of a kind, which is like a 2,000x line bet win, which is larger than the top jackpot in many games. You can pick up 20x for four of a kind or 2x for three of a kind as well.

    Other Top Payouts

    Getting five of the woman symbol earns players the top win in the game, which is worth 500 times your total bet. You can pick up 200x for five of the skull, which is the same win as for five of the wild. Five of the pyramid earns 75x, and five of the coin also gives you a payout worth 75x. It's worth noting that these four symbols all pay for four of a kind or more, and that helps to improve the hit-rate of the slot.

    There are also card rank symbols for the lower pays. You'll get 15x for five of a kind of either the A or K symbols. The Q, J and 10 are worth 10x for five of a kind as well. These symbols have been stylized and colored to fit in with the graphics of the game, but they stand out enough to make it easy to tell whenever you hit winning combinations.

    In Summary

    Amazon Fierce is not a bad game overall, but it doesn't stand out for much either. It's a great example of how you can throw together a bunch of basic components to form an average slot, but GAMING1 fell quite short of making it stand out inside of the Amazon/jungle genre. Overall, we aren't really hot or cold on this game; we're pretty indifferent, and we don't think many players will miss much by skipping this slot and going on to something that's a bit more exciting.